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Ayaz Kala in northern Uzbekistan was used by the Kushan Empire as a garrison. Source: bbsferrari / Adobe Stock

Pax Kushana: Uncovering the Forgotten Kushan Empire

Nestled at the very core of ancient Central Asian history lies the enigmatic Kushan Empire, a once-powerful civilization that flourished during the critical centuries of the Common Era. Stretching...
Location of bilingual inscription, which helped linguists crack the ancient Kushan language, in Tajikistan. Source: Bobomullo Bobomulloev / CC BY-NC-ND 4.0

2,000-Year-Old Unknown Kushan Language Is Finally Deciphered

Since the 1960s, archaeologists in Central Asia have found rocks carved with a mysterious unknown language. Now, a team from the University of Cologne has deciphered the unknown script, revealing it...
Asokan pillar at Vaishali, Bihar, India.

Beautiful Dynastic Artistry Shaped the Face of Modern India

Centuries removed from the prehistoric Indus Valley Region, the Mauryan and Kushan dynasties are among the most significant cultural and artistic regimes in Indian history. The prominence of the...
Stone palette depicting Yuezhi king and attendants

Fighting Their Way Westward: The Nomadic Yuezhi People

The Yuezhi were an ancient nomadic group of people from Central Asia who spoke an Indo-European language. It is likely that most people today are unfamiliar with the Yuezhi Civilization. As they were...