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3D reconstruction of an ancient Mesopotamian city.

4,000-Year-Old Lost Mesopotamian City Discovered in Iraq

A 4,000-year-old lost city has been discovered in Iraqi Kurdistan, according to researchers. “We weren’t expecting to discover a city here at all,” said Christine Kepinski, who explored the site,...
60 of the almost 100 cuneiform clay tablets were found at the archaeological site of Bassetki in the Kurdistan region of northern Iraq.

Almost 100 Cuneiform Clay Tablets Unearthed and Archaeologists Cannot Wait to Decipher Them

The discovery of ancient writing is always exciting for researchers. Documented events, letters, lists, literature – it is all helpful in reconstructing the story of our predecessors. Thus, the...
Lost ancient temple - Iraq-, Musasir

Long-lost ancient temple discovered in Iraq

Local village people in the Kurdistan region or northern Iraq have just made a remarkable discovery – the long-lost temple of the city of Musasir, dedicated to the god Haldi. According to a report in...