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Representational image of Henry VI. Ahead of the 1439 session, members of Parliament requested that the ceremonial kiss of homage be avoided due to an outbreak of the bubonic plague. Source: Public domain

No Kissing, Please! Henry VI Lived Through a Lip-Lock Lockdown

In a bizarre turn of events, the English Parliament supposedly asked for permission to abstain from kissing the less-than-beloved King Henry VI of England in the late 1430s. The intriguing question...
Babylonian clay model showing a nude couple on a couch engaged in sex and kissing. Date: 1800 BC. Source: © The Trustees of the British Museum/ CC BY-NC-SA

Humans Were Kissing in Mesopotamia As Early As 4,500 Years Ago

Humanity's love affair with kissing goes way back, but just how far? Recent research has revealed that the art of smooching was already in full swing a staggering 4,500 years ago in Mesopotamia, and...
Blackening the Bride. In Scotland, newlyweds are covered in filth. Source: azazello / Adobe Stock.

10 Funny and Fascinating Wedding Rituals from Ancient History

For countless couples across the globe, the wedding day is one of the most cherished days in their life. No matter how it is celebrated or how lavishly, it is the moment of their union - “‘til death...
Study has found that human herpes was spread by kissing throughout history. Source: boyloso / Adobe Stock

Human Herpes Linked to Emergence of Kissing in the Bronze Age

It is generally accepted among historians that kissing had no one point of origin, but the habit began as a human trend in different regions. The earliest known written record of romantic saliva...
Blarney Castle.

Blarney Castle: 1,000 Years of Dramatic History and THAT Magical Stone That Brings Tourists Flocking

Blarney Castle is a medieval fortress situated in County Cork, in the southern part of Ireland. The current structure dates to the 15 th century, though the history of the castle stretches back...