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Kingdom of Israel

Director of the Jerusalem Promenade excavation Yaakov Billig with the unearthed capitals that likely were part of a First Temple Period palace.            Source: Yoli Shwartz / Israel Antiquities Authority

First Temple Period Palace Discovered Under The Heart Of Old Jerusalem

The Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA) have announced the discovery of several dozen stone artifacts that date back to the First Temple Period, over 2500 years ago. They were found in a historic part...
King Solomon is most famous for his wisdom in the story of The Judgment of Solomon. Source: Dcastor / CC BY-SA 3.0.

As Wise as Solomon: The Powerful King Who Magically Ruled Israel

King Solomon was the fourth (or third) ruler of the United Kingdom of Israel . He is remembered primarily for his wisdom (hence the English idiom ‘as wise as Solomon’), though he was also a wealthy...
Representation of the biblical war mentioned on the altar inscription. Source: fluenta / Adobe Stock.

2,800-Year-Old Altar Inscription Talks Of Biblical War

Two inscriptions found on an ancient carved altar are revealing new information about a rebellion against the Kingdom of Israel that is described in the Bible. The 2,800 year-old cylindrical stone...
David and Goliath, by Antonio Zanchi (1631—1722)

Did David Really Kill Goliath? Challenging the Story of the Valley of Elah — Part I

The story of David rise to power is very political. The tale of the famous giant-slayer and second king of the Israelites, according to the Hebrew Bible, starts with the slaughter of a tribe – women...