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A samurai warrior with sword. Source: ImagineDesign / Adobe Stock.

Deadly Weapons of the Ancients: Unleashing History's Fury (Video)

Across the sands of time, the echoes of ancient warfare resound, revealing a captivating glimpse into the evolution of human conflict. In the realm of battle, the ingenuity of our ancestors gave...
Legendary sword. Source:  Dianne / Adobe Stock.

15 of History’s Most Legendary Historic Swords (Video)

In the annals of history, certain swords have become legendary symbols of power, heroism, and the mastery of craftsmanship. These revered blades were wielded by prominent historical figures and...
Egyptian warrior with a khopesh. Source: Obsidian Fantasy / Adobe Stock.

Unleashing the Fury of the Khopesh: A Look at Egypt’s Deadliest Weapon (Video)

An often overlooked area of Egyptology is perhaps one of the most important of all, Ancient Egypt’s incredibly impressive military technology . Take for example, the Khopesh - the ultimate weapon of...
Ancient Egyptian god Seth. Source: byerenyerli / Adobe Stock.

The Most Deadly Weapons of Ancient Egypt (Video)

The ancient Egyptians were masterful innovators when it came to warfare, with a diverse and deadly arsenal of weapons at their disposal. From the iconic khopesh sword, with its curved blade designed...
A detailed drawing of a Viking age sword from the early ninth century found at Sæbø in the west of Norway. Bergen Museum. (Public Domain)

Swords of Fate: The Ancient Blades That Forged History

For thousands of years humans have found good reason to stab, chop, slice and dice each other up, and the choice weapon which has endured the tests of time is the sword. Historically, kings, emperors...
 Khopesh Design

Khopesh—The Egyptian Sword that Forged an Empire

Ancient Egypt has been very important in shaping modern Western civilization. For centuries, Egypt has occupied a place in the Western imagination as a mysterious land full of ancient wisdom, hidden...