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Kerameikos, Restoring Athens’ Necropolis To Life

Kerameikos, Restoring Athens’ Necropolis To Life

From the ruins and rubble rises the narrative of the history of Kerameikos, restoring life to the Athenian necropolis. The obituaries on the gravestones and stelae and the sculptures on the marble...
Oval lead ‘coffin’ with a spell against Pytheas, ordered by an Pytheas' opponent in an Athenian law court. Source: Dr. Jutta Stroszeck / German Archaeological Institute.

Cursed Death Messages Surface From Poisoned Athens Well

A 2,500 year-old water well in Athens has been discovered holding dozens of curse tablets. The 30 small lead tablets were found engraved with ancient curses and hexes at the bottom of a 2,500 year-...