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A staff member cleans a Song dynasty mural discovered in the Zhouqiao relic site in Kaifeng City, central China's Henan Province. Source: Xinhua

Huge, Exquisite, Song Dynasty Stone Murals Found in China

Two massive stone mural carvings dating to the Northern Song dynasty (960-1127 AD) that were found in central China’s Henan province have been hailed by archaeologists as a remarkable discovery...
The Ru ware bowl in the Sir David Percival Collection at the British Museum that was long believed to be a Korean imitation but has proven to be authentic and worth a fortune as a result.		Source: Sir David Percival Collection / The Trustees of the British Museum

Museum’s “Korean” Ru Ware Bowl Is Chinese and Now Worth $21 Million!

It’s not unusual for people to have antique heirlooms or other rare items laying around that are far more valuable than they realize. Of course, no one would expect that to happen in a museum, where...
Ancient capitals of China. Representation of classic ancient Chinese architecture with a modern cityscape in the background.  Source:  gui yong nian / Adobe stock

The Jewels of the East: Top 8 Ancient Capitals of China

Considering the fact that the history of ancient China spans many centuries, it is only natural that its empires and kingdoms had a great deal of sprawling capitals and major cities. Throughout its...
Merciless Ancient Flood Carried 300,000 Lives Away

Merciless Ancient Flood Carried 300,000 Lives Away

A 2019 paper brought us evidence that a historic Yellow River flood in China killed an estimated 300,000 people, suggesting the city of Kaifeng was to killer floods, what Pompeii was to mega-...