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Jet necklaces and bracelet discovered during the A75 Dunragit Bypass roadwork excavations in Scotland.

Scottish Roadwork Treasure Trove Now Revealed!

A treasure trove of artifacts was unearthed in Scotland during the building of the A75 Dunragit bypass, a new road in Wigtownshire, Scotland , back in 2014. According to The Scotsman , the discovery...
Thor's hammer amulet

How a Viking Amulet Solved the Mystery of Thor's Hammer

In 2014, archaeologists solved a long-running mystery through the discovery of a 10th century Viking artifact resembling Thor’s Hammer. Before then, they were only working with a hunch about the 1,...
Viking jewelry and sword representations on fur

Viking-Era Jewelry: Revealing an Intricate Cultural History of the Ancient Norsemen

When you think of ancient Vikings, the first thing that pops into your mind is probably not jewelry, right? The picture that forms in the mind of most people is one of savages with long sharp spears...
An image of white-tailed eagle talons from the Krapina Neanderthal site in present-day Croatia, dating to approximately 130,000 yars ago, may be part of a jewelry assemblage.

Did Neanderthals make jewelry 130,000 years go? Eagle claws provide clues

Krapina Neanderthals may have manipulated white-tailed eagle talons to make jewelry 130,000 years ago, before the appearance of modern human in Europe, according to a study published March 11, 2015...
Fountain at modern domus building at Viminacium, Serbia

Roman Skeletons Adorned in Jewelry Found in Serbia

Reuters has reported that archaeologists in Serbia have discovered a Roman sarcophagus that was intact and had been undisturbed for almost two thousand years. The tomb contains many precious items...
46,000-Year-Old Kangaroo Bone Ornament is Oldest Bone Jewelry Ever Found

46,000-Year-Old Kangaroo Bone Ornament is Oldest Bone Jewelry Ever Found

The oldest known piece of bone jewelry attributed to Homo sapiens has been excavated in the Kimberley region of northern Australia by archaeologists at the Australian National University (ANU). This...
Oldest Stone Bracelet - Siberia

Stone bracelet is oldest ever found in the world

It is intricately made with polished green stone and is thought to have adorned a very important woman or child on only special occasions. Yet this is no modern-day fashion accessory and is instead...
Golden hoard of Roman jewellery

Golden hoard of Roman jewellery found hidden from Queen Boudicca and her army

Two thousand years ago, warrior queen Boudicca from the Celtic Iceni tribe led an uprising against the occupying forces of the Roman Empire. Her army marched upon a settlement for discharged Roman...
Nubian King leads his queens through a crowd during a festival

‘Gold and the Gods’ opens window to rulers of ancient Nubia

King Piankhi, otherwise known as Piye, was the first of the great Nubian kings who reigned over Egypt for three-quarters of a century in the 25 th Dynasty. King Piankhi and the so-called black...
4,000-year-old cosmetics shop

4,000-year-old cosmetics shop found in Cyprus

Archaeologists have unearthed a unique 4,000 year-old cosmetics workshop at the Pyrgos-Mavroraki archaeological site in Limassol, Cyprus. It is the first time that evidence has been found of...
Ancient Egyptian Jewelry from Space

Origin of Ancient Egyptian Beads is Out of this World

A new study published in the Journal of Archaeological Science has revealed that Ancient Egyptian beads found in a 5,000-year-old tomb were made from iron meteorites that fell to Earth from outer...
Ancient Egyptians - Jewellery From Meteorites

Ancient Egyptians Crafted Jewellery From Meteorites

Scientists have discovered that an ancient Egyptian jewellery item found in a 5,000 year old tomb was carved from a meteorite. The tube-shaped iron beads were originally uncovered over a hundred...