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Ivar the Boneless

The Great Heathen Army. The scene depicts brothers Hinguar and Hubba slaying Christians in the north of England. Manuscript from British Library (Public Domain)

Repton, The British Valhalla To The Great Viking Heathen Army And Ivar The Boneless?

Was Ivar the Boneless, son of Ragnar Lothbrock, buried at Repton in Derbyshire county, England? At first glance the small village of Repton, with its gentle village green does not seem at all...
Viking landing at Dublin, 841, by James Ward (1851-1924) (Public Domain)

Traces Of Viking Ivar the Boneless’ Dynasty At Waterford, Ireland

The first Viking raids recorded in Ireland date to 795 AD, and then they rapidly appear in the historic record. Traditionally the early Viking activity in Ireland falls into three phases, the first...
Ancient UK Viking families, who are now part of the native populations of Ireland, Scotland and England, were not entirely violent or focused on looting. Now, they are all friends!

Beyond Violence: Examining UK Viking Families and their Artifacts

Understanding Viking families through the artifacts they left behind and their DNA is the latest approach to learning more about the Viking Age in the United Kingdom. Scientists in the UK are...
Many famous Vikings were known throughout the era

8 Notorious Vikings Who Left Their Bloody Marks on History

Although an excellent series in many ways, Vikings brought with it a pretty romanticized portrait of some of the key names found in the Norse Sagas and the lives they might have lived. Although these...