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isotopic analysis

Archaeologists unearthed 43 human skeletons and in excess of 100,000 artifacts in a construction site in Sao Luis, Brazil. Source: Iphan handout

9,000-year-old Human Skeletons and Over 100,000 Artifacts Unearthed in Brazil

Surveyors in Brazil were appraising a site identified for the building of a new apartment complex. However, they downed tools, and called in archaeologists when they started finding bones and shards...
Our human ancestors, who lived in Wonderwerk Cave in South Africa, were likely Homo habilis.

Breakthrough Research Reveals Wonderwerk Cave Is the World’s Oldest Home

In the Kalahari Desert of South Africa, has produced a cornucopia of wonders for archaeologists searching for the truth about human origins. Cave art, stone tools, burned bones, soil, and ash, and a...
Scythian belt buckle

Surprising Truths about the Legendary Scythians Revealed

New research into the lifestyle of the Scythians, the nomadic culture that reigned supreme on the steppes of Central Asia in the first millennium BC, is questioning the long-held historic narratives...
Rethinking Stereotypes: Were Scythian Warriors Really Nomadic?

Rethinking Stereotypes: Were Scythian Warriors Really Nomadic?

The diets of ancient steppe Scythians, classically known as nomads , has revealed that while some of the population did indeed travel far and wide warring for new lands on horseback, many didn’t, and...
Painting of foreign delegation found at the tomb of Khnumhotep II. This contains a man described a “Abisha the Hyksos”, one of the earliest known uses of the term Hyksos. Source: Public domain

Researchers Reveal True Story of Hyksos Dynasty in Ancient Egypt

Researchers have revealed the truth behind the rise of the first “foreign” rulers of Ancient Egypt . It was long held that the Hyksos, the first non-native dynasty to rule Egypt, were invaders. A...