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Isle of Arran

The Neolithic cursus has been uncovered leading to the Isle of Arran’s complex of stone monuments, including the Machrie Moor standing stones. Source: dropStock / Adobe Stock

Huge Neolithic Cursus Linked with Isle of Arran's Sacred Stones Revealed

In August this year, within the rugged southwest of Scotland's Isle of Arran, researchers began excavating an ancient ceremonial monument dating back to between 4000 and 3000 BC. With its original...
Prehistoric standing stone on Machrie Moor, Isle of Arran. A prehistoric temple has also been discovered recently on the island.

5000-Year-Old Prehistoric Temple Discovered On Scottish Island

An ancient “cursus monument” was discovered at the Tormore site on the Isle of Arran. The archaeologists working at the site think it is likely that people traveled from all over what is today...
An island in Scotland (supakit / Adobe Stock)

1000 Ancient Sites Revealed by Aerial Scan of Scotland’s Arran Island

Archaeologists in Scotland have concluded a cutting-edge archaeological project which has revealed around 1,000 previously unknown archaeological sites on the Isle of Arran. There is an island off...
Cremated bones in 4000-year-old cist burial - Scotland

Cremated bones in 4000-year-old cist burial found hanging from Scottish cliff

Archaeologists have discovered cremated human remains in a Bronze Age cist burial hanging precariously from a cliff edge on Scotland’s Isle of Arran. One of the bones has been dated to between 2154...