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iron oxide

Polish archaeologists in Egypt looking for ancient evidence relating to the importance and role played by Egyptian deserts in early Egyptian civilization.       Source: E. Kuciewicz / Science in Poland

How Deserts Played A Key Role in the Building of Egypt

Egyptian deserts surrounded the ancient civilization of Egypt, and for many they were feared as places of danger and chaos. However, the Egyptians were also very dependent upon these desert regions...
Ancient rock paintings spotted in remote Colombia

Exquisite, ancient rock paintings spotted in remote Colombia

A crew of filmmakers discovered beautiful paintings that may be thousands of years old on rock walls in a remote part of the Colombian jungle in 2015. The region is almost inaccessible to modern...
Ancient Chinese artifacts have extremely rare iron compound

Ancient Chinese artifacts found to have extremely rare iron compound

A new study published in the journal Scientific Reports has revealed that the unusual coating on ancient Chinese tea bowls, known as Jian tea ware, is actually an extremely rare form of iron oxide,...