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King Ludd, the leader of the Luddites. Source: Public domain

Calling Someone a Luddite Isn't Actually an Insult

Historically Luddites have gotten a bad wrap since the use of the word exploded as a belittling term for clumsy “Neanderthal technophobes” in the 1960s. Unfortunately for the Luddites, the way its...
In this 1941 painting by Mexican artist Jesús de la Helguera, la Malinche is portrayed as a sultry character with European features, nestled in the arms of Hernán Cortés. Source: Joseaqc / CC BY-SA 4.0

Mexican Native Princess, la Malinche, Inspired a Popular Mexican Slur

For Mexicans, being called a malinchista is an insult. The word comes from la Malinche, remembered as the indigenous interpreter who helped Hernán Cortés during the Spanish conquest of the Aztec...
Swear words in a speech bubble. Source: Yuliia / Adobe Stock

14 Old Swear Words That Should Totally Make a Comeback

Cussing has been around since the time we could stub our toes. Though we’re all familiar with the swear words of the modern age, what about swear words from before our time? Believe it or not, there...