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The ancient lipstick vial found in Iran. Left) the carved chlorite vial containing the cosmetic preparation. Right) image of mineral composition of the substance found. Source: Left: M. Vidale, Right: F. Zorzi /Nature CC BY 4.0 DEED

Ancient Red Lipstick Found in 4,000-Year-Old Vial Unearthed in Iran

Archaeologists studying a unique artifact obtained from an ancient cemetery in Iran have identified it as a small cosmetics vial made from chlorite. Most notably, inside the vial they found the...
Ancient beer recreated. Source: 9parusnikov / Adobe Stock.

Recreating Ancient Ale with a 1,100-Year-Old Beer Recipe (Video)

Travis Rupp, far from being an ordinary brewmaster, delves into the past to recreate the tastes and textures of beers from ancient times. His ambition is to understand what the common folk, not just...
traditional medicine, Cambodia, healers, ingredients, healthcare

Reviving Ancient Healing Arts: Cambodia's Groundbreaking Approach to Healthcare (Video)

Traditional healers, with their deep knowledge of nature's bounty, have long played a pivotal role in providing healthcare in Cambodia . They use an array of natural ingredients, including dried...