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Inca stone wall. Source: mikevanschoonderwalt / Adobe Stock.

The Ingenious Methods behind the Inca’s Intricate Stone Walls (Video)

Peru's Inca stone walls have long fascinated archaeologists and visitors alike. Made of irregularly shaped stones that interlock so seamlessly that even a razor blade can't be inserted between them,...
Image depicting the Inka tunic or Unku found in northern Chile from the wearer’s point of view. Source: Correa-Lau, J., et. al. / CC BY 4.0

Chilean Inka Tunic Provides Insight into Inka Power & Cultural Fusion

A brilliant new study on unkus , a type of standardized Inka tunic, has shed light on a rather important matter of socio-political organization – that of centralization of power. Based on the unku...
Roxana Quispe Collantes is the first person ever to present and defend her thesis in Quechua. Source: Facultad de Letras y Ciencias Humanas - UNMSM

Student Defends Thesis In Ancient Andean Quechua Language

A Peruvian student, Roxana Quispe Collantes, has written and defended her post-doctoral thesis “in Quechua”, the ancient language of the Andean Incas . Quispe Collantes has become the first person...
Spanish conquistadors of the New World.

Colonization of the Americas Caused Climatic Change

New research indicates that the death toll of the indigenous population of the Americas during and after European colonization was so high that it changed the environment around the globe and led to...
The sarcophagi of Carajia, emblematic of the lost Chachapoya culture

Cloud Warriors: The Mysterious Power of the Lost Chachapoya Culture

In pre-Columbian America, the Incas had the largest empire and a flourishing civilization. They called their empire Tawantinsuyu , meaning The Four United Provinces , and they worshiped the sun god...