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Inca Empire

Artistic recreation of real potatoes just harvested between Andes mountains and a sunny day. Source: Manuel Mata/Adobe Stock

Potatoes: South America’s Gift to the World (Video)

Picture this: nestled amidst the rugged peaks of the Andean highlands , ancient civilizations unearthed a culinary gem over 10,000 years ago—the humble potato. Through centuries of trial and error,...
Sun over Moray, Sacred Valley of the Incas, Peru. Source: alexpermyakov/Adobe Stock

10 Jaw-dropping Engineering Marvels of the Inca Empire

The Inca were an illustrious ancient civilization, whose sprawling empire stretched from Ecuador to the north, to central Chile in the south. Many of the remnants of their incredible civilization are...
Inca stone wall. Source: mikevanschoonderwalt / Adobe Stock.

The Ingenious Methods behind the Inca’s Intricate Stone Walls (Video)

Peru's Inca stone walls have long fascinated archaeologists and visitors alike. Made of irregularly shaped stones that interlock so seamlessly that even a razor blade can't be inserted between them,...
Image depicting the Inka tunic or Unku found in northern Chile from the wearer’s point of view. Source: Correa-Lau, J., et. al. / CC BY 4.0

Chilean Inka Tunic Provides Insight into Inka Power & Cultural Fusion

A brilliant new study on unkus , a type of standardized Inka tunic, has shed light on a rather important matter of socio-political organization – that of centralization of power. Based on the unku...
View at Machu Picchu, probably the most famous Inca settlement recorded by the big data archaeology model.          Source: fife76 / Public Domain

Big Data Used to Create Comprehensive Map of Inca Settlements

Parker VanValkenburgh, an assistant professor of anthropology, curated a journal issue that explores the opportunities and challenges big data could bring to the field of archaeology. PROVIDENCE, R.I...
The wooden statue of the Pachacamac idol.  Source: (Sepúlveda M, Pozzi-Escot D, Angeles Falcón R, Bermeo N, Lebon M, Moulhérat C, et al. (2020)/ PlosOne)/ Museo de sitio Pachacamac

Ancient ‘Inca’ Pachacamac Idol Whispers Secrets of Wari Past

An ancient and deeply spiritualized wooden idol of the Andean ‘Earth Maker’, Pachacamac ( Quechua: Pachakamaq ), was once worshiped at the Temple of the Sun; a 30,000-square-meter step pyramid at the...
Overview of Machu Picchu, agriculture terraces and Huayna Picchu peak in the background   Source: davidionut / Adobe stock

Sacrilegious Tourists Defecate at the Sun Temple of Machu Picchu

Six disgusting travelers are being accused of willfully damaging and defecating in the sacred Sun Temple of Machu Picchu and are facing jail time. Lots hopefully. Machu Picchu is in Peru’s top three...
The Inca Empire: What Made it so Powerful?

The Inca Empire: What Made it so Powerful?

The Inca (also spelled as Inka) Empire was a South American empire that existed between the 15th and 16th centuries. The Inca Empire was the largest pre-Hispanic civilization in South America and...
The alignment of the rising sun on the winter solstice with the Saywas in the Atacama desert, Chile.

Sun and Earth Aligned: Ancient Andean Calendar is Illuminated on the Atacama Desert

On the winter solstice of 2017 a dedicated historian at Chile’s Pre-Columbian Art Museum in Santiago, Dr. Cecilia Sanhueza, was following a hunch in the Atacama Desert, Chile. She observed “a row of...