Part of the Roman mosaic at Boxford, potentially depicting Hercules fighting a centaur, and Cupid.

One of the Best Roman Mosaics Found in the UK will be Reburied

A rare and unexpected find that could be one of the UK’s most spectacular Roman mosaics, containing designs based on Greek legend, has been revealed during a community archaeology project dig in...
Bronze scepter from the Nahal Mishmar. Source: Poliocretes / CC BY-SA 3.0.

Earliest Writing System May Have Been Developed by Ancient Metalworkers 6,000 Years Ago

An Israeli academic has claimed to have found the earliest writing in the world. He claims that a proto-writing system was developed by ancient metalworkers over 6,000 years ago in the southern...
Detail of the Wenhaston Doom

The Wenhaston Doom: A Surprising Medieval Relic, Doomsday Message—and a Reminder of Pre-Christian Traditions

A ‘Doom’ is a remarkable survival of a type of church decoration once common in the Middle Ages but largely destroyed during the iconoclastic excesses of the English Protestant Reformation during the...