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Guy Fawkes masks have become a symbol of anarchy and protest against tyranny, seen here during a protest in Madrid. Source: Daniel López García / CC BY 2.0

Why Masks Depicting England’s Guy Fawkes Were Banned in Saudi Arabia

With its highly-stylized moustache, the so-called Anonymous mask has featured in multiple protests across the globe. Described by the Fair Observer as “a staple of anti-authoritarian activist...
Saint Bernard and the Virgin by Alonso Cano. Source: Public domain

The Virgin Mary Squirted Saint Bernard with Breast Milk

Mythology is filled with an array of outlandish and far-fetched stories. Christianity is no exception. One of the most surprising, at least for me, is the story of the 12th century monk, Saint...
The millstone with an ancient Roman phallus engraving. Source: Highways England

Rare Ancient Millstone Found Decorated With A Roman Phallus Carving

When archaeologists pieced together a broken millstone they were shocked to find an ancient Roman phallus carving. Experts say that the Roman phallus decoration is both “highly significant” and rare...
A fragment of the 5th-century chalice etched with Christian symbols, unearthed at Vindolanda in Northumberland. Credit: The Vindolanda Trust

Holy Grail of Christian Graffiti Discovered On 5th Century Chalice

A lead chalice-cup etched with Christian iconography and letters from three languages has been discovered in remains of 5th-century church on Hadrian’s Wall in England, but what does it say?...
Trade in Ancient Egypt portrayed in ‘Israel in Egypt’ by Edward Poynter  Source: Edward Poynter / Public Domain

The Vagaries of Trade in Ancient Egypt

Along with a lust for building enigmatic and long lasting structures, trade was an important feature of Ancient Egypt . The ancient Egyptians traded with many lands that bordered their country,...
Part of the Roman mosaic at Boxford, potentially depicting Hercules fighting a centaur, and Cupid.

One of the Best Roman Mosaics Found in the UK will be Reburied

A rare and unexpected find that could be one of the UK’s most spectacular Roman mosaics, containing designs based on Greek legend, has been revealed during a community archaeology project dig in...
Bronze scepter from the Nahal Mishmar. Source: Poliocretes / CC BY-SA 3.0.

Earliest Writing System May Have Been Developed by Ancient Metalworkers 6,000 Years Ago

An Israeli academic has claimed to have found the earliest writing in the world. He claims that a proto-writing system was developed by ancient metalworkers over 6,000 years ago in the southern...
Detail of the Wenhaston Doom

The Wenhaston Doom: A Surprising Medieval Relic, Doomsday Message—and a Reminder of Pre-Christian Traditions

A ‘Doom’ is a remarkable survival of a type of church decoration once common in the Middle Ages but largely destroyed during the iconoclastic excesses of the English Protestant Reformation during the...