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Below the deposits of sea mud, a marine archaeologist studies a road that once connected an offshore prehistoric settlement to mainland Korčula Island. Source: Sveučilište u Zadru

7,000-Year-Old Road Discovered in Croatia’s Adriatic Depths

Croatia’s Korčula Island is ringed with archaeological sites dating back to 20,000 BC. But the discovery of a 7,000-year-old road, that once connected an ancient site with the island, was completely...
The amazing Roman mosaic unearthed beneath the streets of Stari Grad on the Croatian island of Hvar.		Source: Slobadna Dalmacıja / Arkeonews

Luxury Roman Villa and Mosaic Found on Croatian Island of Hvar

Archaeology on the Croatian island of Hvar in the Adriatic Sea is proceeding at a pace likely not exceeded anywhere else in the world. Just within the past two weeks, researchers affiliated with a...
Dr. Marina Ugarković officially displaying the 4th-century BC sword found in a communal grave at the site of the ancient Greek city of Pharos on Hvar. 		Source: Joško Šupić / Cropix / Free Dalmatia

4th Century BC Tomb Yields Sword and Classic Greek Artifacts At Hvar

An archaeological team digging at Hvar, Croatia, once home to the ancient Greek island settlement of Pharos, have unearthed a mass Greek communal grave from the fourth century BC. The find is a...
Ancient Necropolis Found Hidden in 17th Century Croatian Palace Garden

Ancient Necropolis Found Hidden in 17th Century Croatian Palace Garden

An ancient necropolis dating to the 4th and 5th centuries AD has been discovered at a 17th-century palace on the idyllic Croatian island of Hvar. This Hvar necropolis is being called “the most...