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Ceramic vessels recovered from medieval burgher kitchen. Source: František Kolář / National Heritage Institute

Exceptionally Preserved Medieval Kitchen Excavated in Czech Republic

Archaeologists in the Czech Republic recently made an unusual and exciting discovery that dates back many centuries. While digging up a medieval house in the historic center of Nový Jičín in the...
The Hussites and the Hussite Wars were inspired by the desire for religious reformation and the ideas of Jan Hus.

The Hussites and the Hussite Wars: Religion, Heresy and Reformation

The Hussites were members of a pre-Reformation Christian movement that originated in Bohemia, in the modern-day Czech Republic. Named after Jan Hus, whose teachings were followed by the Hussite...
Night view of the castle and Charles Bridge, Prague, Czech Republic. Prague, over time, became the definitive center of the growing Kingdom of Bohemia.

The Kingdom of Bohemia: European Jewel and the Heritage of Czechs

The colorful history of the Czech Republic is firmly rooted in its predecessor, the illustrious Kingdom of Bohemia. A powerful kingdom that lasted for more than seven centuries, it was an...
Sloup Castle: Bohemia’s Salt Trade Defense, Hermitage and Tourist Spot

Sloup Castle: Bohemia’s Salt Trade Defense, Hermitage and Tourist Spot

Sloup Castle is a rock castle located in the northern part of what is today the Czech Republic. The castle dates all the way back to the 14th century AD, when the area it is in was part of the...