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Mormons’ creation theory: Christian creation with a twist

Mormons’ creation theory: Christian creation with a twist


The Mormon Church, a sect of Christianity sometimes referred to as a cult, has a collection of sacred writings called the Pearl of Great Price.

Mormons believe in the concept of creation according to Genesis, but they also give some additional information based on several other texts from Moses, Abraham, and texts of Joseph Smith.

According to those texts, before the earth was created there was a great meeting in heaven. In this council, God gathered his spirit children (each human being had a life as a spirit before creation) and presented a plan for their salvation. Here, the creation of Earth is mentioned as a training field, where God’s children could progress.

But Earth is not the only planet mentioned in Mormon scriptures. One very interesting excerpt from their texts is the following:

And I saw the stars, that they were very great, and that one of them was nearest unto the throne of God; and there were many great ones which were near unto it;

And the Lord said unto me: These are the governing ones; and the name of the great one is Kolob, because it is near unto me, for I am the Lord thy God: I have set this one to govern all those which belong to the same order as that upon which thou standest.

And the Lord said unto me, by the Urim and Thummim, that Kolob was after the manner of the Lord, according to its times and seasons in the revolutions thereof; that one revolution was a day unto the Lord, after his manner of reckoning, it being one thousand years according to the time appointed unto that whereon thou standest. This is the reckoning of the Lord’s time, according to the reckoning of Kolob.”Pearl of Great Price - Abraham 3:2-4

In this passage, reference is made to another planet called Kolob.

In the Mormon’s scripts, God placed Adam and Eve in Eden and commanded them to multiply, also commanding them, as in the Christian text, not to eat from the forbidden tree. Yet while in Eden, Adam and Eve could not multiply because Eve could not carry children. This would only have been possible after eating from the tree of good and evil, and appears to be two contradictory commands given at the same time from God.

The answer? Mormons believe that eating from the tree was something that God wanted so that humans could multiply. God wanted Adam and Eve to ‘fall’ so that they could follow his plan for salvation.

By April Holloway

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