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Valley of the Gods, Bears Ear National Monument, Utah, where the Pueblo peoples practiced a form of sustainable agriculture long ago. The plants they planted are now being used as a clue for finding other possible archaeological artifacts nearby.

Pueblo Peoples of American Southwest Were Expert Gardeners, Study Shows

Researchers working in the Bears Ears region of southeastern Utah have discovered some fascinating details about the plant-producing practices of the area’s former Pueblo peoples. Led by...
Ancient banana cultivation site at Wagadagam, Mabuyag.   Source: Australian National University

Australia’s First People Were “Hunter-Banana Cultivators”

Archaeologists from the Australian National University excavating at Wagadagam, on the island of Mabuyag, in the western Torres Strait, have published new evidence of early Indigenous communities...
The squash in this photo had not been grown for hundreds of years. Native Americans revived it after finding seeds in a pot 800 years old.

Native Americans Revived Squash From 800-Year-Old Seeds

Some Native Americans found squash seeds in a pot about 800 years old and revived the plant for the first time in centuries. The seeds from the large, bright orange squash have been distributed to...