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Dimitrios Katsikis pictured with one of his Greek armor creations. Credit: Dimitrios Karvountzis / Dimitrios Katsikis / Hellenic Armors.

Forging Forgotten Ancient Greek Armor (Video)

Dimitrios Katsikis, a self-taught master of the forgotten art of forging ancient Greek armor, is a time-keeper for the relics of yore. With his handcrafted tools and keen understanding of history, he...
Greek hoplite. Source:  Art Gallery / Adobe Stock. Video Button Play Image by Dehweh / Adobe Stock.

Armored and Ready: Inside the Training of a Greek Hoplite (Video)

The life of a Greek Hoplite in the 5th century BC was heavily influenced by their status as warriors. Hoplites were not just soldiers, but members of the Greek citizenry who were expected to fight...
Greek hoplite in armor and with weapons and shield. Source: anibal / Adobe Stock

Soldiers of Bronze: The Greek Hoplite, the Phalanx, and the Battle that Defined Them

Hoplite comes from the Greek word “ ta hopla ,” which means “tool” or “equipment,” and was the name given to legions of citizen soldiers who were tasked with protecting their territories from outside...
The 2,500-year-old terracotta relief discovered on St. Cyricus depicts marching hoplites. Source: National Institute and Museum of Archaeology

Archaeology Hot Spot on St. Cyricus Yields Yet Another Greek Treasure

Over the last few years, excavations on St. Cyricus, near the Bulgarian town of Sozopol, have been particularly fruitful, unearthing a long and eventful history in the area. Now, on the St. Cyricus...