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Holy Roman Emperor

AI generated image of Charlemagne Charles the Great king. Source: dan/Adobe Stock

Charlemagne: How He Changed History Forever (Video)

Charlemagne , also known as Charles the Great, stands as a pivotal figure in European history, reshaping the fragmented Western and Central Europe after the fall of the Western Roman Empire. Born...
Holy Roman Emperor Joseph II leading the Austrian army into battle in 1788. Source: Public domain

The Austrian Army Fought Itself and Lost at the Battle of Karánsebes

The Battle of Karánsebes has been remembered as one of the most absurd battles in history. During the infamous Ottoman-Hapsburg wars, troops from the Austrian Army of the Holy Roman Emperor Joseph II...
Coronation of Queen Victoria 28 June 1838 by Sir George Hayter (Public Domain)

Coveted Imperial Titulature, Emperors and Empresses: Don’t Blame Queen Victoria

The title of “emperor” is commonly seen as superior to that of “king”. But that has not always been the case. Ironically, what is now translated as “emperor” started out not as a title at all but as...
Crusaders thirsting under the walls of Jerusalem by Francesco Hayez (1836-50) Web Gallery of Art (Public Domain)

The Bloodless Sixth Crusade Led By The Excommunicated ‘Son Of Satan’ Frederick II

The conquest to free the Holy Land was a vital component of the late Middle Ages. Sacred to all three major religions, Christians, Jews and Muslims, control of Jerusalem was significant to each. The...
Chivalry and The Order of the Golden Fleece

Chivalry and The Order of the Golden Fleece

The Order of the Golden Fleece is an order of chivalry that was founded by Philip III, the Duke of Burgundy, on the occasion of his marriage to Isabella of Portugal in the 15 th century. Through the...
Night view of the castle and Charles Bridge, Prague, Czech Republic. Prague, over time, became the definitive center of the growing Kingdom of Bohemia.

The Kingdom of Bohemia: European Jewel and the Heritage of Czechs

The colorful history of the Czech Republic is firmly rooted in its predecessor, the illustrious Kingdom of Bohemia. A powerful kingdom that lasted for more than seven centuries, it was an...
Tomb of emperor Frederick III in St. Stephen's Cathedral in Vienna, Austria. Source: JoJan / CC BY-SA 3.0.

Micro Cameras Reveal Treasure in Emperor Frederick III’s Tomb

Researchers have used cameras to examine the last untouched royal tomb in Europe . Experts used tiny cameras to investigate the tomb of the Holy Roman Emperor Frederick III. They revealed a stunning...
Predjama Castle.

Predjama Castle: The Castle in a Cave that Housed a Slovenian Robin Hood

Once home to the Slovenian Robin Hood, Predjama Castle is a site rich in history. It is built into the mouth of a cave high up on a cliff and has a commanding view over the landscape. That position...