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Men Playing Board Games in Alegria (1890 – 1900) (Public Domain)

Ancient Board Games Simulating War Strategies And Predicting Afterlife

Board games provide humanity with entertainment, distraction and exercise for the mind whether they are played on the ground, on the floor or on wooden boards. They have formed such a large part of...
The glass artifact thought to be a Viking game piece discovered in Lindisfarne. Source: Jeff Veitch / Durham University.

Ancient Viking Glass Artifact Was A Game Piece Of The Elites

A tiny glass crown is being heralded as a rare archaeological artifact from the first wave of Viking raids in England. The small worked glass artifact was unearthed at an excavation site on the Holy...
The Viking gaming board which has been found in Aberdeenshire, Scotland.

The Search for a Lost Scottish Monastery Reveals a Rare Viking Gaming Board

While you search intently for something, you may chance upon another rare discovery, one which deserves just as much attention. This is what has happened to an archaeologist and her team looking for...