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Henry VI

Representational image of Henry VI. Ahead of the 1439 session, members of Parliament requested that the ceremonial kiss of homage be avoided due to an outbreak of the bubonic plague. Source: Public domain

No Kissing, Please! Henry VI Lived Through a Lip-Lock Lockdown

In a bizarre turn of events, the English Parliament supposedly asked for permission to abstain from kissing the less-than-beloved King Henry VI of England in the late 1430s. The intriguing question...
King Henry VI of England genetically engineered Henry Tudor for the English throne. Source: KIFOR PRODUCTION / Adobe Stock

How Henry VI Genetically Engineered Henry Tudor for the Throne

The year was 1453 and Henry VI, King of England, was having what could be reasonably called an annus horribilis . His sanity was unsteady and his leadership and decision-making capabilities were even...
King Henry VI and Margaret of Anjou in an illuminated miniature. Source: Public domain

Henry VI Needed a Helping Hand to Bed His Wife Margaret of Anjou

In her book The Shadow King: The Life and Death of Henry VI , historian Lauren Johnson claimed that the prudish 15th century king of England needed a helping hand to do the deed when it came to...
Both sides of the medieval coin found in Canada, a Henry VI quarter noble minted in London between 1422 and 1427. Source: Government of Newfoundland & Labrador

Medieval Coin in Canada Challenges Story of North American Discovery

A gold coin discovered in Newfoundland could “rewrite the history books.” Directly challenging the mainstream narrative of the discovery of North America, this coin suggests Europeans were in...
Composite image combining stereoscopic image of Eton College with portrait of King Henry VI. Source: Public domain and Public domain

In Ironic Twist of Fate, Elitist Eton Was Founded to Educate the Poor

When Eton says their school has history, they’re really not kidding. The famed £46k per year boys boarding school is a British brand synonymous with elitism, even though the school was originally...
Catherine of Valois being presented to King Henry V of England at the Treaty of Troyes in 1420. Original print at the Rijksmuseum. Source: Rijksmuseum / CC0

Catherine of Valois: Political Pawn, Dowager Queen and Life in the Shadows

Catherine of Valois was a French princess who lived during the 15 th century. Catherine is an important female figure in medieval English history, being the wife of one English king, and the mother...
A Medieval knight holding a glass of wine (diter / Adobe Stock)

Strange Deaths in History: The Duke who Died in a Barrel of Wine

George Plantagenet, 1 st Duke of Clarence, was a 15 th century English nobleman who was executed by allegedly being drowned in a vat of Malmsey wine. He was a member of the House of York and played...
Three key players in the Battle of Towton, the Earl of Warwick, Edward IV and Richard III are depicted in a painting by John Augustus Atkinson (1775-18833).

England's Bloodiest Battlefield: The Battle of Towton and the Battered Remains of a Medieval Knight

The Battle of Towton was the largest, longest battle on English soil. Thousands of people died in the Wars of the Roses, but this10-hour battle was particularly deadly. It’s believed the day of...
War of the Roses - the Houses of Lancaster and York (AGZYM)

The Real Life Game of Thrones Part Two: War of the Roses

During the Late Medieval Period, a series of conflicts took place in England which were more destructive than the Hundred Years War had been in the previous century. One of the bloodiest civil wars...