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Ruins of an Israelite stone storehouse made with pillars and columns at the Tel Hazor Archaeological Park in Israel.

The Fate of Tel Hazor: Canaanite Settlement Mentioned in Hebrew Bible

Tel Hazor is an archaeological site located in Upper Galilee, in the northern part of modern-day Israel. Archaeological excavations reveal that the site was occupied as early as the 3rd millennium BC...
The monumental Egyptian statute of a high official from the Middle Kingdom in Egypt, found in the administrative palace at Hazor, north of the Sea of Galilee in Israel.

Monumental 4500-Year-Old Statue of an Egyptian Official Discovered at Tel Hazor

The monumental statue is a one of series of recent discoveries that proves that Hazor was one of the major cities in the region, heading a league of Canaanite city-states. A team of archaeologists...
Israel Egyptian sphinx paws

Archaeologists make rare find of Egyptian sphinx paws in Israel

A team of archaeologists from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem have made a surprising discovery in Hazor, a UNESCO World Heritage Site north of the Sea of Galilee in Israel: the paws of an Egyptian...