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Harald Hardrada

Viking helmets are special and few have been found but the Viking mercenary district warriors of Bathonea would have surely worn them as they fought for and protected the Byzantine emperor.	Source: Helgi Halldórsson from Reykjavík, Iceland / CC BY-SA 2.0

Evidence Of Viking Mercenary District Found Near Istanbul

Archaeologists in Turkey have found what they believe to be a Viking mercenary district near Istanbul . The area dates back to the Middle Ages when Istanbul was known as Constantinople, the capital...
The recently discovered ancient route associated with the Battle of Fulford. (Chas Jones)

Ancient Route of Famous Anglo-Viking Battle Unearthed in England

Archaeologists have discovered an ancient road and route along which Saxon troops retreated in 1066 when they were defeated by a Viking army in the Battle of Fulford. The finding has provided new...