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Hanseatic League

One of the mysterious medieval ships found in Sweden. Source: Arkeologerna

Sweden’s Mysterious Shipwrecks Found Full of Medieval Household Goods

When underwater archaeologists discovered the sunken ruins of two medieval-era ships in Sweden’s Baltic Sea coastal waters last spring, they knew it would take some time to find answers explaining...
This Hanseatic League ship, which may exceed the Bremen Cog for preservation quality, was miraculously discovered 5 feet (1.5 meters) beneath the streets of Tallinn, Estonia’s capital.	 	Source: Patrik Tamm / ERR

Massive Medieval Hanseatic League Ship Found Near Tallinn, Estonia

One of the largest ports in the Baltic Sea, Estonia’s Tallinn Port is also one of the oldest in northern Europe, famous as trade center between Rurik Novgorod and Viking Scandinavia. Yesterday, a 700...
Medieval maritime trade. Credit: Yury Kisialiou / Adobe Stock

The Hanseatic League: Dominating the Baltic Maritime Trade

The Baltic Sea has historically been an important region for maritime trade. Its favorable location, which acts as a connection between major nations and trading hubs, always made it a focal point...