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Interior of salt mine in Hallstatt, Austria. Source: Posztós János / Adobe Stock.

7,000-Year-Old Austrian Salt Mine Holds Bronze Age Secrets (Video)

Hallstatt, an ancient salt mine nestled in the picturesque Austrian Alps, holds an extraordinary tale of human history dating back an astonishing 7,000 years . While all mines necessitate regular...
The clay figurine suspected to be a water deity discovered in Unkenbach, Germany. Source: Bavarian State Office for the Preservation of Monuments

Weird Hooded Prehistoric Water Deity Unearthed in Germany

For as long as humans have prayed, water has been a focus of divine adoration. Even the sight of water can spark wonder, terror and joy depending on whether it's a bubbling spring, the destructive...
Top; The short Hallstatt sword with design was characteristic of the Bronze Age. Middle; Longer sword, designed to take advantage of the stronger properties of iron and was dated to the very beginnings of the Iron Age.	Bottom; Bowl-head pin made of a non-ferrous metal alloy.

2,800-year-old Hallstatt Swords Rewrite Bronze to Iron Age Technological Leap

Two extremely rare early Iron Age Hallstatt swords dating to the eighth century BC have been unearthed in the Bavarian town of Andechs in Starnberg district. These 2800-year-old swords are among the...
The La Tene culture Laténium landing stage in Hauterive on Lake Neuchâtel in Switzerland.		Source: Jean-Pierre Dalbéra / CC BY 2.0

How the Great La Tene Culture Changed Iron Age Europe

Speaking of the Iron Age, most people first think of wild barbarian tribes wielding their crude swords and tools made from iron. But the truth is often very far from this. This important age in world...
Hallstatt, an idyllic lakeside town that was oblivious of its grandiose history as the birthplace of the Hallstatt culture until 1846.          Source: janoka82 / Adobe Stock

The Powerful Hallstatt Culture: Foundation of the Proto-Celtic World

The European Bronze Age was the cradle of many world-changing cultures and civilizations. As it shifted towards the new and revolutionary Iron Age , it saw the emergence of the famed Hallstatt...
The Százhalombatta Archaeological Park

Százhalombatta: Largest Bronze Age Tell in Europe is Home to Countless Archaeological Treasures

While the plains of Hungary have been settled by many fascinating societies throughout history, the area of Százhalombatta is particularly rich in archaeological finds and monuments. One of the most...
Part of one of the hoards as it was found in 2012.

Gifts for the Gods? Over 350 Artifacts Discovered in Transylvania Begin to Provide Details on Ancient Trade Routes

Corina Bors with the National History Museum of Romania, recently presented at the European Association of Archaeologists in Glasgow, Scotland about the two massive stashes that were discovered in...