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Urartian Susi Temple in the Erebuni Fortress.

The Great Erebuni of the Urartian Kingdom: Fortress of Blood

Erebuni Fortress, known also as Arin Berd (meaning ‘Fortress of Blood’) is a fortified settlement located in the southeastern outskirts of the modern city of Yerevan, Armenia. This fortress was...
Temple of Musasir

The Discovery of the Long-Lost Temple of Musasir

The Musasir temple was an important Araratian temple dedicated to Haldi, the supreme god of the kingdom of Urartu, an Iron Age kingdom centered on Lake Van in the Armenian Highlands, which extended...
Lost ancient temple - Iraq-, Musasir

Long-lost ancient temple discovered in Iraq

Local village people in the Kurdistan region or northern Iraq have just made a remarkable discovery – the long-lost temple of the city of Musasir, dedicated to the god Haldi. According to a report in...