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Great Wall of China

AI representation of Emperor Qin Shi Huang.  Source: Luke/Adobe Stock

Qin Shi Huang: First Emperor of China (Video)

Qin Shi Huang , the inaugural Emperor of China, orchestrated a dramatic ascent to power in a mere nine years, a feat emblematic of his strategic prowess. Born amidst political intrigue and familial...
Great Wall of China stretching forever into the distance (MICHEL / Adobe Stock)

Ancient Frontiers: Boundary, Defensive And Offensive Walls

Long before great city walls were raised, 10,000 years ago, early hunter-gather-fishers as well as emerging farmers, built the settlement of Jericho (West Bank, Palestine) using adobe mud bricks,...
The wall is part of the World’s largest construction project that spanned 1000s of miles and 1000 years. Source: siew sin audrey sim/EyeEm / Adobe Stock

Original Purpose of World’s Largest Construction Exposed

You could be forgiven for thinking that the Great Pyramids of Egypt or Mexico were the “largest” constructions in the ancient world, but archaeologists have long known that this sublime title is held...
The Great Wall of China near Beijing

The Great Wall of China Construction Project that Spanned Generations, Centuries and Dynasties

The Great Wall of China (known also as the ‘Wanli Changcheng’ or ‘10000 Li Wall’) is one of China’s most iconic structures . This is the longest wall in the world, and one of the largest construction...