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The oldest known wooden frame saddle from Urd Ulaan Uneet.	Source: Antiquity Publications Ltd

Oldest Wooden Framed Saddle Reveals Secrets of Equestrian Military Technology

The “oldest saddle of its kind” in the form of a wooden frame with iron stirrups has been found preserved in an ancient tomb in Mongolia. Archaeologists employed radiocarbon dating to analyze the...
Left) A grave from Osłonki with valuable artifacts, visible near the hands; right) a drawing of the artifacts. Source: Peter Bogucki

Neolithic Wealth Gap Wasn’t Just for the Living

An international team of archaeologists in Poland have been working to answer a very interesting question. Were the people buried with rich grave goods necessarily as wealthy in life as they were in...
Virtual rendition of the painting of the leopard face found on the ancient Egyptian sarcophagus.         Source: University of Milan

Rare Masterpiece Uncovered on Ancient Egyptian Sarcophagus

An Italian-Egyptian team have reconstructed a masterpiece of ancient Egyptian art. They have been able to virtually recreate the face of a leopard that was found on a sarcophagus lid in a necropolis...
Bali gold ornaments found at Pangkung Paruk.         Source:  A. Calo / Antiquity Publications Ltd

Bali Gold Hoard Reveals Untold Links With Roman Empire

Archaeologists excavating in Bali have presented the largest collection of Roman gold-glass beads ever discovered in early Southeast Asia, which proves the existence of an ancient trade route where...
One of the Roman slave skeletons alongside a pot found at the burial site in Somerset, England. Source: Wessex Archaeology

50 Roman Slaves Found Buried with ‘Care’ in England

A Roman slave burial ground has been found near what was once a great ancient villa in Britain. Many of the graves are very unusual, and they provide a glimpse into the impact of Rome on the local...
This ancient Indian chariot was found at Baghpat and dates to the Bronze Age (2000-1800 BC).

Discovery of Three Chariots in India Suggests Warrior Class of Ancient Civilization

Archaeologists in India have unearthed three copper detailed chariots from the Bronze Age (2000-1800 BC). This is the first known example of this type of transport being found in India from that time...
Tron Bon Lei cranium, photographed during excavation. Fish-hook A and perforated bivalve to the north of the mandible.

World’s Oldest Funerary Fish Hooks Indicate Women Fished in Ancient Indonesia

Fishing was an important part of life, and apparently death as well, in the Pleistocene on Indonesia's Alor Island, northwest of East Timor. The collection of fish hooks placed alongside the remains...
Peeking Behind the Veil: Unique and Decorative Burial Urns with Faces in the Pomeranian Culture

Peeking Behind the Veil: Unique and Decorative Burial Urns with Faces in the Pomeranian Culture

The Pomeranian culture is one of the most mysterious Pre-Christian cultures which lived near the Baltic Sea. Although many of their sites have been lost, the story behind their decorative urns...
Secrets of the Four Gold Rings from the Tomb of the Griffin Warrior Revealed

Secrets of the Four Gold Rings from the Tomb of the Griffin Warrior Revealed

The story behind four magnificent ancient Greek gold signet rings is finally coming to light. One year after they were found in the grave of a Bronze Age Greek warrior, the rings are now taking...
The Bronze Age rattle discovered at the Acemhöyük excavation site in Turkey.

Echoes of Ancient Children: 4,200-Year-Old Rattle Discovered in Turkey

An early Bronze Age toy equivalent to the modern rattle has been discovered at the Acemhöyük excavation site in Yeşilova, Aksaray. It is a unique artifact which sheds some light on children and daily...
Chancay burial dolls.

Chancay Burial Dolls: Ancient Peruvian Grave Goods of a Lost Culture

Chancay burial ‘dolls’ are a type of grave goods that were used by the Chancay culture, a pre-Columbian civilization located in modern day Peru. This civilization was based mainly in the valleys of...