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Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon landscape, Arizona.	Source: SeanPavonePhoto/Adobe Stock

The Surprising Link Between the Grand Canyon and Ancient Egypt (Video)

For centuries, travelers have explored renowned Grand Canyon landmarks like the Osiris Tower and the Temple of Ra, evoking a sense of wonder and curiosity. However, the origins of these names reveal...
Grand Canyon of the Colorado River (1892–1908) by Thomas Moran, illustrator of John Powell’s book (Public Domain) and Pharaoh on a Throne (amith/ (Adobe Stock)

Ancient Egyptians In America’s Grand Canyon – Astounding Evidence Or Elaborate Cover-Up?

Although not numerous, some people claim that Egyptians once inhabited the Americas. Some stories are too outrageous to believe, yet they are still interesting historical accounts. None more than the...
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Hopi Oral Traditions Of Creation Parallel Evolutionary Adaptation To Climate Change

Various spiritual traditions hold different views of how the Earth and humankind came to exist. There is the Christian view, mentioned in the Bible, Gospels not included in the Bible, and other...
Species of corn found in the American Southwest.

Fire, not corn was key to prehistoric survival in the arid Southwest USA

Conventional wisdom holds that prehistoric villagers planted corn, and lots of it, to survive the dry and hostile conditions of the American Southwest. But University of Cincinnati archaeology...
Image credit © Dustin Naef “The Confluence”.

Breaking Sacred Ground: The Confluence, and Disruption of the Balance of Origin Sites

The Four Corners region of the United States is too mediocre a name to describe so vast an expanse of the Southwest, representing the corners of Colorado, Utah, Arizona, and New Mexico. The...