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Archaeologists Uncover Preserved Ancient Pottery Workshop in Egypt

Archaeologists Uncover Preserved Ancient Pottery Workshop in Egypt

Archaeologists digging in the Aziza hills area of the Beheira governate in northern Egypt have recovered the remains a pottery workshop dating to the Graeco-Roman period, Egypt’s Ministry of Tourism...
Magic was an everyday part of life in the Graeco-Roman empire. Source: John William Waterhouse / Public Domain.

Ancient Spells and Charms for the Hapless in Love

By Adam Parker / The Conversation Valentine’s Day is not all love, hearts, and roses for everyone. For the hapless in love, the day can be a yearly reminder of failed romances, unrequited love and...
Painting of Priapus found at Pompeii.

Priapus Fresco Tips the Scales in Pompeii

An archaeological dig at a prestigious residence on the slopes of Regio V, overlooking Via del Vesuvio in Pompeii , has unearthed “in elegantly decorated rooms” a fresco of Priapus, a god of Graeco-...
Left to right- Barn Hammer Brewing Company Head Brewer Brian Westcott, Matt Gibbs of the University of Winnipeg and Barn Hammer owner Tyler Birch teamed up to re-create an ancient beer. THE CANADIAN PRESS/David Lipnowski/The Conversation

We brewed an ancient Graeco-Roman beer and here’s how it tastes

Matt Gibbs / The Conversation Beer is the most consumed alcoholic beverage in the world; it is also the most popular drink after water and tea . In the modern world, however, little consideration is...