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Gospel of John

A silver star marks the traditional site Jesus' birthplace in a grotto underneath Bethlehem's Church of the Nativity.

Jesus’ Birthplace And The Holy Land’s Ancient Pilgrimage Routes

A researcher has presented new evidence of the earliest Christian pilgrimage route ever discovered. The theory represents a direct challenge to the origins of traditional Christian geography and...
Geghard Monastery

Geghard Monastery: Ancient Guardian of the Lance that Stabbed Jesus?

According to the Gospel of John, Jesus was stabbed in his side by a lance whilst hanging from the cross. As a result, this weapon is believed to possess supernatural powers and it became an important...
A papyrus fragment believed to contain lines from the Gospel of John, dating from A.D. 250 to A.D. 350.

Priceless Ancient Papyrus with Gospel of John Extract Found on eBay for $99

A scholar of early Christianity at the University of Texas has announced his discovery earlier this year of a priceless fragment of the New Testament written in ancient Greek – for sale on eBay with...