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The deep sea geological formation dubbed the “Yellow Brick Road” by the researchers that found it north of the Hawaiian Islands.	Source: YouTube screenshot / EVNatilus

Hawaiian Drama Over ‘Yellow Brick Road’ Geology and Atlantis!

Deep sea scientists have released a video showing a ‘bizarre’ geological formation that they have already named the Yellow Brick Road. However, the section of seabed making the headlines is nowhere...
Queen’s Head Rock

Yehliu Geopark Holds Natural Wonders in a Fantasy Landscape

There are many astounding geological formations in the world that are almost works of art. Some of the most remarkable natural formations in all of the Asia-Pacific region are to be found in Yehliu...
University at Buffalo Ph.D. candidate Alia Lesnek works at Suemez Island.

Clever Rock Science Provides New Possibilities for Migration to the Americas

When and how did the first people come to the Americas? The conventional story says that the earliest settlers came via Siberia, crossing the now-defunct Bering land bridge on foot and trekking...
Cataclysmic natural disasters frame indelible human stories.

First Evidence of Legendary Great Flood in China May Rewrite History

David R. Montgomery / The Conversation Modern people have long wondered about ancient stories of great floods. Do they tell of real events in the distant past, or are they myths rooted in imagination...
The Turin Papyrus: The Oldest Topographical and Geological Egyptian Map

The Turin Papyrus: The Oldest Topographical and Geological Egyptian Map

The Turin Papyrus Map is an ancient Egyptian map that is generally considered to be the oldest surviving topographical and geological map of the ancient world - there are some older maps from outside...
Neanderthal - Jersey Island

Archaeologists rediscover the lost home of the last Neanderthals

Archaeologists working on the Channel island of Jersey, England, have rediscovered a record of Neanderthal archaeology that was thought to be long lost. The study, published in the Journal of...