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Geishas, once misunderstood as courtesans, they were the epitome of grace, mastering arts and skills that challenged the stereotypes of their time. Source: Max Ferrero/Adobe Stock

Geishas: The Truth Behind These Fascinating Women (Video)

Unveiling the reality of historical geishas challenges Western stereotypes, dispelling the notion that they were mere courtesans or prostitutes. In contrast to misconceptions, the geisha's life was a...
Japanese Geisha. Source: DivineWorld / Adobe Stock.

How to Get Geisha-Like Skin with Ancient Japanese Rice Water Treatment

Traditional beauty tips and tricks from the Eastern hemisphere, particularly South Asia and Southeast Asia, are all the rage in the Western world. As more knowledge and information is disseminated...
A geisha. Source:  juripozzi / Adobe Stock

World of the Geisha, Japan’s Enigmatic Entertainers

Japan is a nation rich in history and old, venerated traditions. The enigmatic geisha are considered as one of the cornerstones of that iconic Japanese tradition, and are certainly admired all over...