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The oldest piece of tartan ever found in Scotland was created in the 16th century. Source: Alan Richardson / V&A Dundee

How to Build the Perfect Castle (Video)

Castles are iconic symbols of the Middle Ages, with their imposing walls, soaring towers, and intricate defenses. But how were these impressive structures built? And what does it take to construct...
HS2 excavation of Coleshill Manor and the excavated medieval gatehouse in Warwickshire. Source: HS2

Medieval Gatehouse Likely Witnessed First Action of English Civil War

Pock-marked with bullets that likely came from the muskets of Parliamentarian troops bound for the very first battle of the English Civil War , the remains of a medieval gatehouse have been uncovered...
Donnington Castle near Newbury in West Berkshire   Source: Piotr / Adobe Stock

Donnington Castle, Proud Survivor of Parliamentary Guns

There are various types of castles in Britain built by conquerors, rightful kings and wealthy supporters of the monarchs. One of the most distinctive is that of Donnington Castle (not to be confused...