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Intelligent Life Is EXTREMELY UNLIKELY To Be Out There!

Intelligent Life Is EXTREMELY UNLIKELY To Be Out There!

The search for intelligent life may be over! A team of Oxford University researchers claims life on earth is probably a unique universal phenomena, and that it´s “extremely unlikely” that any other...
Representative image of the comet Atlas in the night sky.      Source: Tryfonov / Adobe stock

Ancient Comet ‘Atlas’ Measures Half the Size of the Sun and it’s Back!

A huge icy space rock, comet ‘Atlas’, is currently in the constellation Ursa Major in the northern sky passing through the orbit of Mars , but it’s on a trajectory with our Sun and it will get...
Exoplanet “K2-18b” is 50% water could possibly harbor alien life. Source: Sergey Nivens / Adobe Stock.

First Ever Find of Water on ‘Potentially Habitable’ Planet Gives Hope for Finding Alien Life

For the first time ever, astronomers have identified water trapped in the atmosphere of a remote planet orbiting a distant star. When Gillian Anderson played Dana Scully she famously said, “The truth...
Alien planet

NASA Telescope Discovers More than 2,600 New Alien Planets

On March 7, 2009, NASA launched the Kepler space telescope into orbit around the Sun. Outside the Earth’s atmosphere, it would be free to peer deeply into a cross-section of our galaxy in search of...
Superflares From Young Red Dwarf Stars Imperil Planets. The Nemesis star may be a dim Red Dwarf star.

Lost Star of Myth and Time: Nemesis – Our Sun’s Missing Death Star Companion

The great issue facing the binary theory today is, well, the absence of an obvious candidate for the part. In the visible realm, we do not appear to have any stars near enough that fit the bill,...
CSIRO's Parkes radio telescope with a representation of an FRB.

Breaking News: Scientists Reveal that Mysterious and Explosive Signals are Definitely Coming from Outer Space

Fast Radio Bursts (FRBs) are one of the most intriguing problems for modern astronomers – who or what is transmitting the short bursts of radio energy across the universe? And where exactly are the...

Stardust and Stellar Consciousness

Have you ever wondered why your spirits are lifted on a sunny day and not in a hot bright room – or paused to consider that the energy of your life is itself the recycled light of the Sun? Have you...