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Bride and groom, in Viking traditional outfits. Viking wedding rituals were necessary to earn the blessings of the gods and for continuing the Viking bloodline.  Source: MaxNadya/Adobe Stock

Strange Viking Wedding Rituals and Traditions (Video)

Viking weddings , known as brudkaup, were intricate transactions involving legal negotiations to determine bride price and dowry. Fridays, sacred to the Queen god Frigg , were preferred for...
An illustration depicting Frigg.

Frigg: Queen of Asgard, Beloved Norse Goddess, Mother

Frigg or Frigga (which means ‘Beloved’ in Old Norse) is a goddess found in Norse mythology. As the wife of Odin and the mother of Baldur, she is the ‘Queen of the Æsir’. This deity was worshipped as...
The ancient Norse symbol of Thor's Hammer.

Decoding Viking Signs: Nine Norse Symbols Explained

The Vikings used many symbols in accordance to Norse mythology. Such symbols were widely used in Viking society and they represented elements of their beliefs and myths. There are even some Viking...