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Francisco Pizarro

Examples of the Chincha spines on sticks.	Source: C. O’Shea / Antiquity Publications Ltd

Ancient Peruvians Reassembled Spines on Sticks to Honor the Dead

The European invasion of the Americas (both North and South) is one of the most destructive colonizing efforts in human history, particularly because of the unimaginable horrors suffered by the...
Street art illustrating what the Spanish conquistadores did to the Inca during their conquest and the Battle of Cajamarca. Source: shantihesse / Adobe Stock.

The Battle of Cajamarca – The Conquest of the Spanish and the End of the Inca Empire

The Battle of Cajamarca was a battle fought between the Spanish and Inca in 1532. The battle, which is sometimes considered to be an ambush or a skirmish, saw a small band of Spaniards led by the...
Viracocha (GENZOMAN /Deviant Art), Mama Killa, (GENZOMAN /Deviant Art) and Inti.

Viracocha’s ‘Sweat and Tears’ – Three Supreme Deities of the Incan Religion

Every year, the people of Peru host an elaborate celebration in the city of Cuzco at the time of the summer solstice. This festival is known as Inti Raymi – the Festival of the Sun. To spectators,...