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Would you Adam & Eve it ?

I came to an interesting conclusion but read this first,,,,,
no appologies for the length of this blog.

Of course, the story of Adam as portrayed in the Bible is just myth – a few short lines of scientific / historic events which took place over a period of time but reduced to make it look divine. When we look at today's sciences we can clearly see what happened when we collate knowledge from different sources. Let's investigate in some depth what occurred..... and be warned, the sources were to be found in the most difficult to reach places, hidden from plain sight but there for all to find because the gods told us so in Gen.1 – well actually in the Enuma Elish and the Epic of Gilagamesh and in the Lost Book of Enki, and a million other places if you care to just look.

Lets start with the graphic here (link -  picture-in-picture, the god.
What can we derive from his addmix and the jars? Well, firstly he must be a scientist of some renown to have been charged with the making of mankind. He would have to know about micro-sciences, biology, chemistry, chromosomes, DNA, how to extract and mix, be able to think outside the box, be daring and strong in the face of failure and try something new. Also be immoral when dealing with DNA cutting and splicing and to cast away and abandon that which does not fit the criteria.
What criteria?
We are told that the gods needed to make a creature to work for them. To do their bidding and to take the toil of work away from the gods. There was an urgent need and it took precedence over everything else at that time. I think the 3-jars on the shelf contain earlier attempts in this process and like all things new, it didn't work first time. At this point we could mention in passing some of the failings …. Neanderthal man (or similar), or the mixing of earth's species together which formed half-beasts which were unsuitable as workers (classed as mythological beasts) and suchlike. So thinking out of the box the DNA of an earthly beast was mixed in a clay jar with that of a gods, producing mankind in the image of god. The image of course being in the chromosomes and the DNA of the new specie, hidden from plain sight (as God is supposed to be) but everywhere at once.
You probably know that clay is sterile and this is the reference in the Bible of the clay of the earth. What a base starting point for the Bible but how did the writers get this knowledge?
Would it surprise you if I also told you that we know this geneticist gods' name? His name in the Sumerian Version of the creation story is Ningishzidda.

Enki is in the center and is regarded as the creator god. He is depicted here holding the successful addmix for all to see. It was under his commision that Ningishzidda made his undertaking and this addmix was the cumulation of perhaps several hundred or even thousands of years in the making. It would be foolish of us to think that the making of mankind happened on the first attempt and hey presto!, abracadabra, out of your aunties fanny there it was, poof - Mankind !
Enki is the instigator of the creation.

Ninmah is the nursemaid charged with the welfare of the child. Adam is depicted as a young child so confirming the success and he is looking at her as a child does it's mother. You get an idea of his age from his size and the length of his pony tail.

Notice the Tree of Life with only 9 leaves. A significant amount was still missing from Adam's DNA-genes but there was enough there for the breed of the mankind worker to be a resounding success and all the gods wanted at least one to take their work toil. Later, as the addmix was refined we see the Tree of Life with more branches but in the beginning we had just enough to make us efficient workers but no more refined than that. The giving mankind reign over the beasts reference in the Bible happened at a much later time.

What is particularly perplexing is that after all this hard work and effort on behalf of the Ningishzidda, Enki and Ninmah it all turned sour and Adam was ejected from Eden and mankind was abandoned, for the first time. Why did this happen? Well, we are told in the Lost Book of Enki, that Adam was given additional branches on the tree of life, that he was modified to enable him to speak and to procreate. This was the crux of the matter and no small thing it was either. The gods ejected mankind from Eden because they had become too much like the gods had gained knowledge. And there was the additional danger that they would take of the Tree of Life and attain long lives like the gods had. This was the danger that got Adam & Eve expelled forever. All the gods with the exception of Enki, the creator god, abandoned mankind and left them to their own devices. The story of what happened after the expulsion can be found in the Book of Adam, an ancient epic which can be found on the Internet.

In many ways this story is a bit like the old Wild West with the rules made up as you go along. Remember, they had a job to do – no matter what obstacles, they could not fail. So without anybody watching over their shoulders they were free to manipulate DNA in anyway they wished.

While I was re-reading/writing this chapter a thought suddenly struck me. It was such an obvious thing that I have overlooked it all my life. The story of Adam and Eve as portrayed to us through bible stories and artwork has absolutely nothing to do with the gods creating Adam & Eve as the lead story. It is only a cover story. The real story is of the vast knowledge the gods had and how they used and abused it to suit themselves. The Adam & Eve story is about the gods! Them, not us! It is man who wrote the 'cover story' to make it look divine but the gods were so inflated with their own self importance and immunity that the only way for this story to be told is to tell it as if Adam is the central point therefore making the gods look like a supreme God – which just isn't true. These gods were like the baddies of the wild west and they had come here to rape and pillage the earth's minerals and gold. Mankind was for them just a way to get the work done without having to do it themselves. They were essentially the most knowledgeable, technologically advanced, scruple-less lazy bastards ever to have walked this earth!
I think I'll go and re-read the Bible with this in mind and see if it is logical.

I've read all of Stichin's

I've read all of Stichin's books and if he is correct then human history and creation is far differnt than we've been taught.  And if he is right then every human alive today is the offspring of a slave species created by ETs as workers and slaves for them.  Question is, is Sitchin correct?  When I go back and read the creation story in the Bible with Sitchin's assertions in mind I have to admit that it makes a lot of sense!  Of course, the REAL question is what will out ET creators do when they return and see us now?  Will then accept and love us OR will they become appauled and disgusted and take us out?  I mean, afterall, if we are a slave species then we have no place on the king's throne.


I am in no way a formally

I am in no way a formally educated man. I follow my spirit and relish in the knowledge I recieve through my journey. And these days, my spirit keeps bringing me back to this subject. I believe that y'all are right. The Earth's true history has been covered up in an so we can continue to work for the "gods". But things are changing and I believe that we humans are reconnecting with each other and soon we will all know the truth. Thanks for posting. Y'all be good.

Peace and Love,


i have read only a little of Sitchin's work

i first heard of Sitchin in a youtube documentary, i think it was one of Trey Smith's, Nephilim vids. i firmly believe that there is life elsehwere not just in the Universe but even our own galaxy and even microbial life in this solar system. as far as being bred by some sort of alien intervention that to me is a stretch, but not impossible. purpose breeding has been here for at least 9,000 years. the pekinese dog is a good example of breeding a dog to look like a mini lion. breeding for pulling, hunting, terriers are bred killers to protect our food stores from vermin like rats and mice. have you seen the skull of the english bull dog? that looks like an alien/human hybrid i swear. the bull dog started out as a non descript large dog for herding bulls. the english bred it to this abominition in the last 50-75 years. i think ancient rulers could have done the same, in-breeding and line-breeding, to us way back when. it would seem to me as various hominids came and went through hard and good times, clearly mating with, not only other clans of the same but also different races they would have learned simple breeding practices (genetics) a long time ago. as far as Nibiru being a binary twin to our sun, that is a bit of a stretch for me as well, but not at all impossible either. whether it be a brown dwarf binary twin to our sun on a near collision course with Earth or a alien ship ready to vaporize my home, i feel i would rather wake up to those, then wake up to find out i am dying of alzheimers or cancer. that's for sure. i too have no formal education other than a certificate in building trades from vo-tech. i have no real evidence, so i feel in order to achieve inter-planetary, inter-stellar, inter-galactic, or inter-dimensional travel, one can only do so by being congruous, benevolent, and constructive. Not by being incongruous, malevolent, and destructive. look at our current space travel program, some blow up on the pad, others the batteries are dead and we keep spreading freedom and democracy with targeted drone strikes. so far, how is that working? one thing is also for sure, people can talk about the possibility of a "sixth sense". we have lost a sense in the last few decades. the sense of accomplishment. how do you think ancient people felt at the end of the day after they built or made something. whether it was made of stone or wood, whether they hunted or herded, whether they farmed or foraged. they had a sense of accomplishment and a sense of PRIDE in their workmanship. it is almost as if those senses are being bred out of existance.


First of all having no formal education doesn't put you in another or a lower class in my opinion.  FACT is some of the greatest minds in human history have had no formal education!  And, frankly, in many ways formal education is nothing more than indoctrination and not education!!  So stop putting yourselves down. When we think of space travel and beings from other worlds we tend to think that the universe is so expansive that it would take zillions of years to get here or there.  That's because we are operating from our perspective and getting a clue from OUR technology.  But contrary to popular opinion mankind is NOT the center of the universe and in FACT our technology is most likely primitive if compared to that of other beings in the universe.  When it comes to space travel and getting here to there we absolutely have to think "out of the box."  What we, humans, deem impossible or improbable is most likely not so with more advanced species in the universe.  We use our technology as a measure but that measuring stick does not necessarily apply to the entire universe.  And, further, we are constantly finding out that what we thought was, was not, and what we think was not, was.     It would be a major blow to the human species on earth to discover that we were created to be "worker ants" and that we are of no significance other than that of being a slave species as far as the universe is concerned.  Our religions would immediately go to the waste bin and we might even experience something like "collective major depression."  So is it true?  Was the late Sitchin correct?  Or was he full of wind as many claim?  Mainstream scholars do not interprete the Sumerian texts as he did.       I'd like to think that IF we were genetically engineered long ago by some alien race that we aren't destined to be a slave speices for eternity.  I'd like o think that somewhere along the course of human evolution and history we get our act together and be a part of the universe (ie: think Star Trek).  Thus far, unfortunately, that is NOT happening!  No, we are still to bent on our lust for tribal warfare and appeasing our own overblown collective ego!  Hopefully, one fine day we will wake up and unload this self created burden and join the rest of the universe but the way things are going I highly DOUBT such will happen anytime soon, sadly.       Taking pride in your work and in what you accomplish is important and sadly we have lost our motivation to succeed in many ways.  NASA is an ABSOLUTE JOKE!  When I was in school I was taught that surely by 2015 we'd have colonies on Mars and humanity would be exploring the magificent universe.  What happened?  Nothing!  And there is the problem.  Nothing!  Every time I think about our LACK I am reminded of something said by a Russian Fieldmarshal named Suvorov long ago.  He said that too much comfort brings too little courage.  And maybe that is the heart of the problem.  We have too much comfort and not enough guts!  Instead we've become decadent and lazy!       In reality we don't know a lot about our origins.  We have a lot of religious beliefs based on faith and we have a lot of theories and speculations.  But when it comes to hard cold facts our bag is rather empty.  So Sitchin's theory is just as valid as any other IMO.       Finally, don't cut yourself short!  You might be surprised formal education or not!!      
Sorry for the lack of

Sorry for the lack of paragraph spacing but nothing is working this morning LOL.  Hmmm maybe those ETs are trying to prevent my message from coming out................


On the subject of space travel

Many say that to visionise the future we need to know our past. But what if it's the other way around and to understand our past we need to visionise our future?

Here are a whole load of questions which you may like to ponder on. I would like to hear your thoughts and comments so please post them.

We have all watched science-fiction films. Some of the ideas in them are quite interesting and challenging but our top brains have begun to turn some of them into reality. The after effect is to use some of these Sci-Fi ideas in our cars, aircraft, weapons etc. Some have already become reality.

But what of the reality of the future of mankind? Could we really build an entire living quarters capable of travelling through the voids of space for a millennia to reach a distant goal intact? Here are some of the challenges faced....

What would be the optimum size of a ship which could be built to carry people on a thousand year journey and what would be the number of survivors on arrival, given normal birth and death rates? Could you ensure the job skills needed upon arrival? How would you choose the leaders and ensure control over anarchy? What materials would be needed to build the ship and how would you handle the vast amount of building materials and construction tools. If we have already poisoned our raw resources, how would you ensure supplies of fresh air and water? If you build a huge ship, say the size of a small planet, where would you find the amount of water and air required without depleting the Earth? How could you grow foods and animals for food and handle all the waste products? Would you need weapons (of mass destruction) for security or for annihilation? Would you be able to take all the acquired knowledge of the Earth with you and be able to use it at a later time? What machines would you take with for construction, repairs, and could you keep them operational for a thousand years of travel?

The costs of producing a small planet sized ship would be astronomical!


So what of the other end of the scale.....

What would be the smallest number of people we could send on a mission to save mankind from extinction and ensure their survival?

Sending them with the bare essentials would reduce the cost but what would you consider as 'essential'? I guess part of the answer will be related to the speed of travel and so I'll leave that question there to be answered by future generations.


Let us journey into the future and use our imagination for a while.

I'll ask a series of questions but I would like you to ponder and think about each one in turn before looking at the next question. Do not cheat on your answers, just sit back, close your eyes and imagine........


How do you imagine space travel in 200 years time ?

We are now just at the beginning of exploration. What will our technology be like in 500 years time? Will we have mastered space travel? What will we eat, drink? Will we be a peaceful traveller or violent?


What would be the purpose / goal of space travel ?

It needs a really good reason if we are to travel great distances. The research & development of the tools needed would be a great expense. The rewards need to be greater.


What minerals would be important to us on Earth ?

Why would we need to import minerals to Earth? Would we need them for structure or to save mankind from self-destruction?


How long would it take to get there ?

What kind of power would the spaceship's motors use?

How large would the ship be?


How would we survive the journey, being there, getting minerals back, getting ourselves back?

What would the effects on our body be like? Would we age faster or slower? Would disease play a role in space travel?


Could we use robots?

How would we repair them when we are a great distance away from Earth?


Is there a better way than using robots?

One which would be cheaper, faster, disposable, tailor-made and designed for a particular job.


What if we could clone workers and use them as slaves?

If you are a million light years away from home who would stop you from doing such things if you deemed them necessary to your purpose?

What about gene manipulation V. ethics? Should ethics be thrown aside in emergency situations?

And that brings us full circle and back to Sitchin, the creation of Adam and all the rest of it.....