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The World body speaks

Recent research has revealed the most enlightening discovery. Global stories, myths and legends, religions and beliefs all consist of a similar pattern or structure to the concept of life. It is evident ancient civilisations communicated on a global scale as the basic structure for life was theorised thousands of years ago. Mother Earth, Mother Nature is referred to globally with mixed gender but throughout World cultures. Sky Father, Heavenly Father or the Celestial body is also globally referred to by World cultures.

We see the process of life on Earth and use the information we have gathered to theorise more in depth subjects. Life here has developed to form intricate communities of dependent life forms building larger ecosystems, where subtly everything lives together, relying on each other. The sun, water, oxygen, the trees and insects....Over a seemingly infinite period of time, Mother nature has formed, but not only containing life but as a life form too. Time has produced the working structure of the solar system and even to the much larger structures of the galaxies.

We have woken up consciously, within this structure of life. World theories all contain a simple pattern, that we are surrounded by larger structures of life forms, acting like parent figures to life on Earth, a template for life, creative energies. The New Perspective has studied this theory and has identified the physical structure, with the most amazing revelation. The New Perspective defines these structures and identifies the World as a complete body and has correlated, that life on Earth also expresses this pattern. Animals with unique characteristics and attachments to regions connect directly to the World anatomy. The springy thighs of the kangaroo, comes from the thigh of the World anatomy.... The New Perspective recognises how ancient cultures recognised this theory and recorded the World anatomy in stone structures, stories, myths and legends, globally.

By identifying the World structure, the New Perspective has applied this pattern to the sky as traditionally projected and with intense amazement the Celestial body has been physically recognised.

Welcome to the New Perspective, a journey of great discovery, help put the final pieces of the jigsaw together, together.


How to view the Celestial body