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TV Shows/Documentaries

What are some tv shows or documentaries that you have enjoyed? I know I personally like Ancient Aliens. I know it gets a lot of crap from people, and I'm not saying I think that it's 100% the truth, but I do like that it introduces me to other ways of thinking, places I've never heard of, and expands on things I do know something about. I also enjoy anything about UFOs, Bigfoot, and Egypt. I've pretty well exhausted everything I can find on Netflix, Hulu and any other free platform (we don't have cable). Any suggestions? What are your favorites?



Going back a few years I used

Going back a few years I used to love 'The Outer Limits.' Some episodes were terrible, but just as you say about Ancient Aliens (which I've never seen,) some episodes introduced some really interesting ideas. I also liked 'Sliders' for the same reason.

I don't have anything now except terrestrial telly, and don't watch a lot, but I still watch every historical documentary that is aired. Particularly love anything on Ancient Britain/Ireland and anything on World History and archaeology - there just isn't much!

Just bought and started watching 'Standing with Stones' by Michael Bott and Rupert Soskin, which is a film about their journey around megalithic Britain: - inspiring stuff so far!

Sculptures, carvings & artwork inspired by a love of history & nature:



Thank you for the ideas! I'll

Thank you for the ideas! I'll have to check it out. I am somewhat limited on what I can watch on TV because we don't subscribe to cable...I haven't had cable since I moved out of my parents house. Lol. But, thankfully, I can find quite a bit online and through my husbands Xbox! I've heard of The Outer Limits but I don't think I've ever really watched it...Sliders I believe is on Netflix, so I may have to check that out! Thanks! :)

love, light and blessings


You're welcome! There's some

You're welcome! There's some great stuff out there....

Sculptures, carvings & artwork inspired by a love of history & nature: