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Think you know your history? Atacama Giant DECODED
Welcome ladies, men, boys and girls.. children great and small of all ages..   This is the first of a trio of discoveries that will be released before summer of this year. The first decoding is the Atacama Giant. The second decoding is an ancient revered monument where a scale replica of our solar system is hidden inside showing an intelligence unfathomable until recently!  The third and final disclosure is of the location to the 'holographic' Giza Pyramid Blueprints (recreated in color) showing a pre-technologically intelligent civilization of our ancestors who left us a precise message to our amnesiac history.   So for those of you whom stand on the proverbial box in search of viable answers peering into the future locating the past, so that we may better perceive our present - this year will change in a GIANT way with these monolithic discoveries.   Tis the age of old reborn, the continued cycle.. Tis the age a Giant who speaks in riddles will utter secrets hidden from the foundation of the world! He who shall set forth mankind's hidden past..and freedom for all great and small ..that are the meek,  with whom, shall inherit this world!   Tis a message giving humanity a chance to be collective with 'those who came before'..a chance for us to discover the key to mankind's lost blueprinted history, a riddle hidden in the sands of time.   To bring understanding, we must awaken a true sleeping giant to guide us throughout this journey - ..and so it is that an archaic 390 foot ruler shall lay a number on this forgotten history.. In the epic words of Scarface -   .."say hello to my little friend!"  
Great information!!! Thank

Great information!!! Thank you so much for sharing!

love, light and blessings


Do we need to wonder how much

Do we need to wonder how much will be covered up by  the linear advancement camp? OR, and even more malevent, deliberately misinterpretted?

Also a video of such seemingly important information is much better served devoid of 'pop culture' music.

Atacama Giant: DECODED

Thank you all for your interest and gracious replies.

These short vignette video decodings are to draw interest to these amazing decodings and will be be served in the fall of this year with a full feature video including the Atacama decoding, the Giza decoding and the Nazca Lines decoding to be released March 08th  (showing Nazca to be a collosal EXACT replicated blueprint of the Great Giza Pyramd).

It was my intent using ‘pop-culture music to draw interest from the youth of today – for in my opinion, it is them thay will change our tomorrow seeing truth for what it is.

Thank you all and be well.


"Listen without defending - Speak without offending."