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The Solar Flash Event

The Coming Solar Flash Event is the Rapture or Soul Harvest or Armageddon or Judgement Day or Samvartaka Fire that all religions have talked about.

Destined to happen sometime during the next decade once a sufficient mass of humanity has awakened and breached a critical threshold in level of consciousness ( have awakened and chosen the light).

A massive burst of Cosmic waves will be transmitted from the Central Sun (Sagittarius A / Black hole at the Center of Galaxy) through our Sun.

It will appear on Earth as Milky Warm Liquid Light. Humans that are ready spiritually / energetically will experience near instant evolution and transmutation of 2 strand double helix DNA Carbon based Life form into Crystalline Life Form having a Light Body with Multiple Additional (upto 12) DNA Strands and shall then 'ascend' to 5TH Dimensional Earth in their Physical Bodies.

This is the first time such an 'Experiment' is being conducted in the known history of the Milky Way Galaxy. This is not a destructive doomsday Event but a Peaceful One !

All that is required is an Intent to Forgive Everyone (Harbor No Ill-Will); Intent to overcome one's addictions and attachments; At least 51% of one's Thoughts, Feelings and Actions Should be of Service to Other Orientation, Harboring a Desire for the Well Being of Fellow Humans; Truthfulness and Integrity of Thoughts, Feelings And Actions.

Those of who are of the Dark / Service to Self Orientation will Perish in the Flash and these souls will then be taken by the Logos to another planetary setting to further continue their Lessons towards Integration and Balance.


I have been feeling a shift. And this is where it brought me. Is there more information you could share on this? Something is happening and I feel it. 


I've been awake for 2 years

I've been awake for 4 years now & this has taken over my life but admit I need to work on my spiritual side more I'm glad I live alone or else people would think I'm mad not many get you! Looking for answers is good I feel it too something big is coming!. Where is the arrests is what I want to no?. I no it does not matter no matter what they do they can't stop what's coming either.


Everyone has their own view

Everyone has their own view on the phenomena of nature that occur around us. The best way to understand them is to learn the basics of creating natural phenomena and understand how to behave in different cases. If necessary, I can write a critical review on this topic, details here:


This émondage is certainly a splendid service. Thank you for making the effort to detail all of this out for folks. It is a great guide!

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