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Scientific Studies for Unexplained Phenomena?

Do you think unexplained phenomena should be researched and scientifically studied? Why or why not?

Is there any particular area of the supernatural realm which you think needs more scientific research?

Scientific Research

We need to continue to demand that unexplained phenomena are studied using ACTUAL scientific methods, rather than pre-determined outcomes. Until we do so, the scientific mainstream will continue to spout gobbledygook, like the current theories about the tumuli on the Isle of Pines. Not sure how we do that – proposing that as a topic of discussion… (i’m new to the forum so if that topic is already in play, i’d appreciate anyone that can point me to it...)

Scientific Studies for Unexplained Phenomena?

Unexplained phenomena should be researched and studied scientifically, absolutely yes. How else can new discoveries be made, and current understanding of Reality expand (or be junked and replaced with better ideas and hypotheses)? Would anyone be comfortable, let alone satisfied and complacent today, if mail was still being delivered via Pony Express? Of course not. Yet a Pony Express rider would scoff at anyone telling him trancontinental correspondence would take but a few nanoseconds, because he could not fathom a technology that would override (so to speak) his stead. The scientific approach is vital to confirming new discoveries and testing the evidence therefor, but its methodology cannot initially be applied to many aspects of studying/investigating the paranormal; ie, what lies alongside yet beyond the normal.

Case in point, and this addresses the 2nd question asking about phenomena that warrant more scientific research. The topic of pyrophenomena generally and, more specifically, SHC. Sudden Human Cremation or, as history terms it, Spontaneous Human Combustion. These events are well-documented – despite what naysayers and debunkers assert – yet certainly do not lend themselves to testing/replication in laboratories. To understand how a person alive can suddenly become a pile of amorphous dry powder without singing or heat-damaging surrrounding combustibles, how wallpaper or wet cloth will erupt in flames in the absence of any known external ignition source, speaks to the supernatural. Yet there must be an explanation that either falls within the paradigm of current science (unlikely) or will require inspired thinking to find an answer/answers that exceeds current scientific knowledge.

And this applies to so, so many topics that fit nicely into the realm of  “paranormal” yet don’t at all fit comfortably into the current definition for “normal.” :)

-- Larry E Arnold.

Scientific method

Applying scientific methodology to unexplained phenomenon is science. Can't explain why Venus has phases while Mars doesn't? Develop a hypothesis that the earth is not the center of the universe and collect data to support or disprove that hypothesis. If you can prove your hypothesis then it becomes theory. If you disprove your hypothesis then try another hypothesis. If, for some reason, you can't find data then your hypothesis remains a hypothesis until such time as data is available. It took the invention of the telescope to prove that the earth isn't the centre of the universe. In the end the scientific method proved that the earth wasn't the center of the universe in spite of interference from the church.

Rupert Sheldrake

Rupert Sheldrake does a nice job of summarizing the 10 Dogmas of Science that limit our thinking on these matters and, frankly, seem to have hobbled science most recently.  I fully advocate the approach he suggests to applying actual science to scientific matters when the dogma are threatened. 

Love Learning the Previously Unknown

researching ancient phenomena

Hi folks. I and we of Genesis Quest (such as it has been and may become, especially if my film series, The Flood, a Tale of Atlantis, is approved for production) think that rigorously scientific research into “ancient mysteries” generally is very much in order. We are right now awaiting word from a lead investor for The Flood 1: Escape from Atlantis, with his associate also wanting to invest directly in this research, and we may have a third investor interested in the film project. My plan has always been to use film proceeds to finance serious- but also open-minded scientific research into these related subjects. If the film project flies, there could be a lot of proceeds, and therefore a lot of funding for such research.

Our chief scientist worked at NASA’s JPL for 12+ years, and we have access to some fantastic search assets; his associate designed microbial sensors for the Mars rovers. Through our international outreach early on (starting in 2012), and through my own detailed book research, we know of many sites at which to initiate research, and what to look for there. For example, with not that much funding, we can prove that Tiahuanaco, now 2.5 miles high, was at sea level when it was built, and that it was almost certainly upheaved all in one dreadful day and night DURING (or perhaps at the end of) the Bronze Age. I’ll summarize the evidence for that in the final Author’s Aside from Book 2 of the novel version, The Flood 2: Doom of the Gods, which I’m working on right now, and should have ready to release on Amazon by November 1. That occurred during a Crust Displacement which, were it to recur today, would kill Billions of people by tomorrow. I’ve seen the evidence, and everything depicted in Movie 2/Book 2 was drawn from real-world evidence and mutually corroborative ancient accounts.

Likewise my Tiamat Hypothesis, spelled out pretty well in Book 1 and summarized at our Facebook fan page at I am hashing through additional evidence in Book 2, and the main thing we can accomplish with sufficient funding is to test this hypothesis that refugees from the former fifth planet from the sun, Tiamat, enriched the human genome by hybridizing the Aryans.

We’ve also been offered land in southern Ecuador’s Land of the Giants, and been given preliminary approval to conduct an archaeological dig there, in a Cemetery of the Gods where ancient giants apparently lie buried. Similarly, we know of locations in Latin America where both hobbits (relict Homo floresiensis specimens, which we think were from Mu originally) and gnomes (the little 6-inch-tall humanoids, mummies of which have been recovered in Chile and central Russia) still live. We want to find them, prove they exist, and attempt to contact them and ask them where they’re from. I suspect the gnomes are aliens, and further, our research suggests the hobbits gave rise to the legend of leprechauns, and the gnomes fairies.

I could keep going, but read my books if you want the full story of how I view these things, which together with other aspects, like the megaliths and the apparent ancient war in the Indus Valley involving antigravity flying vehicles and super-weapons which may have been nuclear bombs, as well as the specter of ancient global catastrophes (plural—not just one at the end of the last Ice Age, which killed the Ice Age megafauna, but at least another big one during or terminating the Bronze Age), form what I call the Unified Theory of Prehistory (UTP), explaining all of these mysteries together.

This is the research that I hope to help empower, both directly through my group (such as it is—quite inactive of late, but it’ll get back into gear once I have first funding, possibly in September) and by funding other researchers, to include grad students at reputable academic departments. A cool thing is that it has been confirmed that if the First Funds investment does come through, as we expect, some of that money will be used to found our production company, Genesis Quest Productions, which will co-produce these big Hollywood films but also our TV docuseries chronicling the real-world research, Genesis Quest: The Hunt for Humanity’s Beginnings (which we know were radically different from anything that has been generally accepted by the scientific mainstream). And then too, once we have office space in the Hollywood area, we can share some of that space to house our Genesis Quest Lab, at which some very interesting work can be based.

I’ll ramp all this up when (and if) those First Funds flow. By the way, I gained critically important new information from the recent AO ancient high-tech conference, particularly regarding those Indus Valley Vimana, as I had not known there was lore on that in both the Ainu and Hopi cultures, both of which we know were part of the global Aryan dispersion—which we also know was partly caused by that war. Inca descendants told me that migrated to South America after losing that war (read Book 1, and then too Book 2, once it’s out). Ancient Origins is a very good group, and if we can get this effort launched, I would want to team up with them in organizing this research. So keep an eye out at our (long-dormant) fan page. If First Funds do come, our part of this will pick up steam. And then things could get interesting indeed—partly because as a co-producing entity for a film project that has been compared to Avatar, Star Wars, and even Gone with the Wind, GQP could generate vast profits (knock on wood). Some of that money, indeed most of it, would funnel back into the real-world research effort.

This will also be fun in large part because if I stood up at virtually any mainstream academic conference and spoke about these things we’re pretty sure we know, I’d be laughed out of the room. Yet most of these things clearly did occur. We have virtual proof right now for most of them, but with funding would come the chance to prove them in absolutely irrefutable scientific terms. The result of that—whether done by us or anyone else—would change the world.

I’ll leave it at that for now and get back to work. Let’s see what the future brings. Cheers.


Dr. John R. Clevenger, Founder and Research Director
Genesis Quest
Santa Barbara, California, USA
Check it out at The Flood 1: Escape from Atlantis (Book 1 of The Flood: A Tale of Atlantis), Clevenger, John R.

The Genesis Quest

To add to my post, and to give like-minded people a sense of where we’re at, I have a possible offer for a $200 million investment to fund our global research. I’m not positive this will work, but if it does, we’ll have all the capital we need to do this right. Then add to that likely proceeds yielded through our production company, GQ Productions, about to be launched as a primary production entity for our film series and the various spinoffs, and we may be able to finance a good deal of research. I’ll report here if this effort works. Decent chance now that we have three investors interested in our research. But this big one could do the trick right up front. More soon...

Dr. John R. Clevenger, Founder and Research Director
Genesis Quest
Santa Barbara, California, USA
Check it out at The Flood 1: Escape from Atlantis (Book 1 of The Flood: A Tale of Atlantis), Clevenger, John R.

Science NOT

Some unexplained phenomena can’t be explained by science because science assumes that there is a physical explanation for everything.  Take the “blinking out” of UFOs. Observers of UFOs routinely say they simply disappear which is another way of saying they go from physical to non-physical.  Science can’t deal with half of that equation.  Consider out of body experiences.  Presumably it is the consciousness of a person that leaves the body, observes things visually and audibly, remembers what was observed, and thinks. All of the OBE experience is non-physical.  All science can do is impose ridiculous physical “explanations” that by their nature deny that the OBE even occurred.  I have read many physical explanations for consciousness none of them were credible.  Science can’t do consciousness.

The scientific method can be used without the physical constraints of science to an extent, but some things are not measureable and repeatable.  In those cases anecdotal stories a la Charles Fort must be allowed as evidence which are anathema to science.

It is funny how brain washed we are.  Our culture holds that if an explanation is not scientific it isn’t acceptable.  Hence, any explanation of a heretofore unexplained phenomena must be physically based which means because of science some things must by definition apparently always remain unexplained.

It’s sort of hard to deal

It’s sort of hard to deal with abstracts as broad as science and unexplained phenomena.  On some level, isn’t that what all scientists do?  But I get what you mean by unexplained phenomena.  The problem with most of those topics is that there isn’t a lot of solid data to work with.  Also, all of those scientific studies are being funded by organizations with financial interests in whatever is being studied.  

I am not sure that official “scientists” would actually be any better than the extremely devoted expert amateurs.  No offense, but often scientists are just average schmucks earning a paycheck.

That said, one year at Gallup Ceremonial a rainbow landed in the parking lot.  You could stand in it if you wanted.  I wish I knew what the heck was up with that.  No pot of gold, unfortunately


Confusing unexplainable with unmeasurable?

Science routinely deals with unexplainable  phenomena. If it didn't then science would never grow or expand. I think the issue with what this thread is calling “unexplainable” is that the scientific method requires that there is a way to measure the phenomena or how they impact their something else and the phenomena in question can't be measured. If you can't measure something then most scientists aren't interested in it.

Confusing unexplainable with unmeasurable?

Science routinely deals with unexplainable  phenomena. If it didn't then science would never grow or expand. I think the issue with what this thread is calling “unexplainable” is that the scientific method requires that there is a way to measure the phenomena or how they impact their something else and the phenomena in question can't be measured. If you can't measure something then most scientists aren't interested in it.


Hi Alicia some nonsense to have a laugh over, or is it???



Why has the US government/Nasa Scientists spent billions of dollars on space programs involving journeys and exploration of the moon and mars a lifeless red dust bowel of a planet, to see whether samples taken from its surface can ascertain, whether there’s life on mars, or was it at one time capable, of sustaining some sort of basic microbial life form. (Perhaps our early exploration of planets here will have a far greater significance than we could ever realize today).

 There are those that would argue in our search for extra-terrestrial life, it would appear that we are going about it in an arse about face, kind of way, that doesn’t make any sense wasting billions of tax payers’ dollars going to distant planets, looking for ET, when he’s clearly been here right under our noses all this time. And according to witnesses it’s not as basic as a microbial life form, apparently it stands upright and walks on too feet.

 The evidence to support this is overwhelming to say the least, eye witnesses from all around the world from all types of back grounds professional and the like, will testify to either being abducted or seeing ET, who according to the majority of witnesses you would think, are pretty common and have been flying in and out of our air space and around our planet for years on end like a flies around muck, making a nuisance of themselves.

But SETI in its search for Extra-terrestrial life say they have found no proof that it exists, so what on earth is going on here, surely the people at the SETI institute must be asleep at the wheel mustn’t they?

Or have we been sold a big fat lie that has been allowed to snow ball through time, out of all proportion fuelled by the influence of the media and pulp Sci-Fi??, or are the aliens just a plane ignorant bunch who can’t be bothered to communicate, has they come and go through earth’s atmosphere from space or wherever they are coming from?

“SO, WHAT’S REALLY GOING ON HERE” well let’s take a look at the classic disturbing kind of close encounter of, ALIEN ABDUCTIONS, of people from motor vehicles, after experiencing electrical failure and blacking out, you are taken into the proverbial “SPACE SHIP” handled with kid gloves examined then returned, safe and sound back to your vehicles, as if nothing had ever happened, “Have I got that about right.” “Alien Life Forms with a human sense of compassion, I don’t think so, but the psychology of it all Has a strange sense of familiarity about it though, don’t you think?

I think the so-called aliens are a misdirection an elaborate piece of theatre, smoke and mirrors a very clever disguise and nothing more than special effects to deceive. there’s a more down to earth explanation for what’s going on here, there not aliens, its not a space ship, you’re not being poked and prodded like a Guinee pig, you are being given a medical examination to see if you are okay, and in a fit state to be returned back to your motor vehicle that’s all,

 By “HUMAN ABDUCTORS”, because unfortunately  you have been an innocent civilian victim, caught up in the cross hairs (Flight Path) of early 1950’ – 60’s US Government/Military, top secret trial and error testing of experimental Arial vehicle prototypes with advanced propulsion energy technology, since then, what witnesses are seeing over land and sea, is mostly coming out of a safe controlled designated testing sites,  is a scaled down version of the above prototypes refined to the size of a drone with possible AI intelligence


 My best guess at what the overall agenda here’s is, concerning credible witness testimony that UFO’S come in all shapes and sizes some as big as a football stadium “supposedly”, taking into account America’s efforts through the years capitalising on early experimental German Rocket engineering at Nasa etc. the USA and quite possible other countries with the same agenda, have all this time been working  towards a common goal  a legacy to  preserve the future of mankind by giving them a head start, which will someday enable them to eventually in large numbers explore the galaxy for the possible colonization of  other planets, for the future survival of the human race, obviously not in our life time, but in the future when the earth has either become a baron planet, with its natural resources having been used up, or because of nuclear world war conflict or perhaps the impending doom from the mother of all asteroids etc.

Any way I’ve got to go now there’s some men at the door dressed in black, or are they wearing white coats, I can’t decide? Where are my glasses, Ha, Ha?

…SHHH... “Trust now one MULDER”.