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Rituals and Symbols

Hello and welcome to this topic, I will introduse myself first: my name is Sergiu Toderita, curently residing in Canada and very courious about the misteries that rituals hold and what they have done to us in past, do and will affect our lifes in future. 

The topic begins very intersting but the problem is that It is hard for me to find and learn of rituals as I have no idea or to start.

This forum is not to discuss but to guide me an me alike that are intersted. 

For rituals ex: king solomon! or shamans, whichery, religions and obviously chruch  (looking for detailed description and explanation if there is such and results)

for symbols: everything that had affected humans physiologically! and please less of the present leading religions (only if general public is not familiar).

and sorry for my canadian English it is my 3rd language.

Thank You to ech of you that shared with me you knowledge!