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Rituals and Symbols

Hello and welcome to this topic, I will introduse myself first: my name is Sergiu Toderita, curently residing in Canada and very courious about the misteries that rituals hold and what they have done to us in past, do and will affect our lifes in future. 

The topic begins very intersting but the problem is that It is hard for me to find and learn of rituals as I have no idea or to start.

This forum is not to discuss but to guide me an me alike that are intersted. 

For rituals ex: king solomon! or shamans, whichery, religions and obviously chruch  (looking for detailed description and explanation if there is such and results)

for symbols: everything that had affected humans physiologically! and please less of the present leading religions (only if general public is not familiar).

and sorry for my canadian English it is my 3rd language.

Thank You to ech of you that shared with me you knowledge!


It depends what kind of

It depends what kind of rituals you want to do. Do you want to do negative or positive ones? I do suggest positive ones. You never know what kind of entities you will attract from the dark side.

Feeding God in the Bible

An interesting ritual appearing in the Holy Bible, the Old Testament, is the feeding of God at the Temple of Solomon in Jerusalem. God is presented in the Bible as being immortal, he cannot die, he is eternal. So, why feed God? The purpose of food is to sustain mortal life, to prevent starving to death. God, being immortal, should not need to be fed daily two meals (morning and evening). The answer to this mystery lies outside the Bible in Mesopotamian rituals. The early Mesopotamian myths have the gods possessing bodies of flesh and blood, they at times kill each other and wind up after death in the Underworld. The gods are fed two meals every day, morning and evening, in order to sustain their fleshly bodies. Mankind’s purpose in life is to care for the Gods’ fruit-tree gardens in the Edin of Mesopotamia, gather the produce, and feed it to the gods in temples, thus assuring the gods do not die of starvation. Abraham was from Ur of the Chaldees, usually associated with Mesopotamia, and Mesopotamian religious beliefs about man being created to care for the Sumerian EDIN’S gardens of the gods and feeding the gods of Sumer, their daily food allowances in Temples. Even, after death, the gods eat food in the Underworld, clay for bread, muddy water for drink. Christianity turns this notion upside down and on its ear! Instead of man feeding God, Christians EAT THEIR GOD, JESUS, to obtain immortality, and drink his blood, the Catholic Eucharist Ceremony, of the wafer and wine, observed to this day in Catholic ceremonies.

Walter R. Mattfeld


Many were not written down but just practiced. Herodotus writes of  Egyptian festivals that were not written down by the Egyptians, but just practiced. There are some that are written down from Babylon which I find as BTW information when reading their history, but nothing all in one place. It wasn’t until about 400 AD or so that spells were written down. Spells typical invoked Helios in some way or another. There are 1,000s of them with Horus-Helios, Mithra-Helios, Haprocrate-Helios and even the Jews practiced spells invoking YHWH-Helios. A spell to make one immune to a scorpion bite had to be said/written with the sun in Scorpio and the moon in Cancer. Certain parts of the spell have to be written at different hours of the day in the sight of Helios. They had a special sundial to divide each day into 12 equal parts of sunlight. Such sundials were found at Qumran. And please, don’t try this at home. It doesn’t work.

Rituals do Exisit

Rtuals exists and still working in African history