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Pyramids are not tombs, but homes for gods.

Ok if I put this here? A trailer for a book I wrote:

Synopsis: Pyramids are rarely tombs. This was a much later fashion. They are generally found empty, regardless of where they are on the planet, due to the spread of a stone-age cult. They are homes for gods. Triplicity at Giza indicates shrine for Triple Deitiy. The kings are merely buried nearby, not inside internal chambers. Giza was the effective ‘last gasp’ of the worldwide Stone-Age religion before the Copper Age began. This is in part why nothing on the scale was subsequently attempted.

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Pyramids are not tombs, but homes for gods.


Or just another home for God who is both Grace and Truth and all Wisdom and Knowledge of what Truths will be held up to man; that Jesus never did away with the original Ten Commandments which is still that same law for all of /\men.

God's religion is pure Egyptian. But some of those temples built by some of those same ethics of blood sacfifice were never any of his one time. God never needed blood sacrifice.


The Akhenaten Revolution's very bad. Inside Bibles: Abydos is Seti's Temple so Abaddon; The Book of Revelation chapter nine.

The Great /\ of earth's foundation stones: the rising of the sun: Revelation 7 & 14. The wolf is a dog o' tribe of Benjamin.

Iv’e heard many ideas about

Iv’e heard many ideas about what the pyrmids were used for. In the end, we really don’t know so, them being a home for the gods is as good an idea as anyother and a better idea then most.

--Still learning--

Power plants, tombs,

Power plants, tombs, observatories, beacons for alien starships etc, etc.  Fact is we don’t really know what the pyramids were/are!  And, typically, when we don’t know what something ancient was used for we classify it as religious or for burial LOL.