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Noah on the Phaistos disk

Hello every good body & very sorry for my englesh, pls

Imagine that you need to be represented graphically (schematically) the room in which along two opposite walls are 4 (for some) room, and this room has a separate entrance. This image, you have to fit into a square with sides at least 2 cm.
It is obvious - simple and clear options quite a bit; And perhaps, on the Phaistos disk, we have the optimal solution of this problem.

A29 - 7 signs:
1. The first sign of "comb, drawing" - a drawing (circuit) of Noah's ark.
Various authors, referring to the ancient texts, report that the Ark had a lot of compartments, and that all of Noah's family - four women and four men lived separately on different sides of the houseboat, and between male and female halves of the course has been run, which is connected to the input outputs on the ark. This symbol indicates the presence of the drawing-rooms of 4 on each side, a passage between them, the input-output; And it is that Noah was a detailed plan - the instructions for the construction and operation of the ark.
"And Noah and his sons, and his wife, and his sons' wives with him into the ark from the flood waters." (Genesis 7: 7).

Noah on the Phaistos disk :

Всех благ

Ваш Илья Сухарев.

Тексты к вложениям-картинкам:

Гребёнка - схема ковчега 
Храм - ковчег 
Саркофаг - мумия Адама 
Колос или весло 
Шлем или аура 
Шлем или мешок 
Сокол с кольцом Шен